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An important update is coming to Google’s search algorithm, with which the giant will penalize sites and content that spread inaccurate, unverified and false news. The company focuses primarily on clickbait, or the practice of creating content specifically to obtain user positions and clicks, often using headlines that do not reflect the news being reported.

Starting Monday, August 22nd, the Helpful Content Update will be released worldwide to English-speaking users, with a second update planned for other languages ​​over the next few weeks. In the post, Mountain View explains that trustworthy content will be rewarded and that it helps people, is actually “helpful”, as well as the most trusted reviews.

“Many of us have been frustrated when we visit a web page that appears to contain what we are looking for but doesn’t match our expectations,” Google writes. “We make every effort to ensure that the pages we show in Search are as useful and relevant as possible. To do this, we are constantly improving our systems – last year we released thousands of search updates based on hundreds of thousands of tests. quality, including ratings, in which we collect feedback from reviewers.” With novelty, educational content, entertainment content, trusted shopping websites, and technology-related pages will be rewarded, with preference given to original sites containing reviews and ideas.

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