Grounding at two airports – air traffic in Switzerland paralyzed: this is how the network reacts – News

Grounding at two airports – air traffic in Switzerland paralyzed: this is how the network reacts – News


The airspace closure due to a technical glitch in Skyguide’s air traffic control also sparked reactions on the Internet.

Swiss airspace closed today between 4:00 and 8:30, which had consequences for travelers at the airports of Zurich-Kloten and Geneva. Delays and various flight cancellations have made travel difficult for hundreds of vacationers. Here are some reactions from the web.

The planes remain on the ground

Travelers at the gates and on the plane had to wait. For many, it was not clear early in the morning if and when their flight could take off.

A Twitter user is annoyed: “Stuck on a plane.”

Crashes were also not uncommon. “For now, I can forget about my flight to Berlin,” writes one user early in the morning.

Chaos at airports

Many plane crashes have led to “total chaos” at the interchange berths, which this user reported on Twitter from Zurich airport.

There were also jokes about the Skyguide glitch on social networks.

alternative ways

The failures have forced many travelers to look for optional routes to their destination. For example, the national team of the Swiss Rowing Association, which switched to the bus and now travels by road to the World Cup.

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Others give directions and recommend continuing the journey by train. “Before everyone else does, make a quick trip to Geneva train station,” advises one Twitter user.

No plane in the sky

The peace in Swiss skies was also a source of joy for many users. “It hasn’t been this quiet for a long time,” says one woman.

But peace of mind also gives you reason to think: “Wednesdays without flights? I would be in favor of »one user comment.

Rare situation on the flight radar

Some users noticed a void on the flight radar: “Switzerland’s airspace was quite empty this morning.”

The SRF team is also stuck at the airport

The SRF Dok-Serien team also felt the effects of the closure of Swiss airspace. Mona Vetsch and team Dok were on their way to Ivalo, Finnish Lapland, to shoot the film “Up and Away”. The flight was canceled. In her Instagram story, she recorded the situation at the Zurich airport.

The SRF team at the Zurich airport

The SRF team at the Zurich airport


Signature: SRF team at Zurich airport. Mona Vetsch on Instagram

The woman raises the whisk menacingly


Signature: Some passengers expressed frustration with the situation. Mona Vetsch on Instagram

Mona Vetsch and the SRF DOK team


Legend: The situation demanded flexibility from everyone. Mona Vetsch on Instagram

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