GTA 6 ‘will be hated by the community’: Tom Henderson reflects on Rockstar’s ‘new tone’

In a recent social media exchange, renowned insider Tom Henderson took inspiration from Schreier’s latest GTA 6 revelations to share some interesting thoughts on how he says fans will cook up the next chapter of Grand Theft Auto. from the iconic Rockstar series.

For the “deep throat” that has repeatedly proved its reliability in recent years with its achievements in relation to (among other things) the Battlefield, Call of Duty and GTA series, the following free blockbuster roaming from Rockstar Games destined to be one of more controversial video games and, at the same time, the most successful in history.

According to Henderson, it doesn’t really matter what GTA 6 has to offer in terms of map, characters, story and action. I can’t help but think that the community will hate it. Well, it might be the best-selling game of all time, but I’m very curious to see what kind of reaction it will get from the fans.”

Minus considerations regarding GTA 6’s near-predictable sales record, for the controversy leader, the nature of the work he says Rockstar will be doing could cause quite an earthquake in the community, especially with GTA 6’s change in tone and direction prompted by many reports: “When I’m thinking about the future of GTA, I don’t know how I should feel. I love the series’ humor and poignant satire, but I also know times have changed and some things may not be more appropriate. The work ahead of Rockstar in figuring out what new balances need to be found is truly enormous. But I think whatever they do, it won’t be enough.”

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In the hope that the fateful day GTA 6 Gameplay Revealedwe invite you to follow the history of the forgotten Grand Theft Auto with us in anticipation of GTA 6.


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