How do appraisers value art?

How accurate are art ratings?

Normally one would expect large auction houses to accurately price works of art. However, looking at the data shows that the accuracy is not as good as you might expect. The the difference between low and high average estimates of 38%.

How do you value your art collection?

Find the right appraiser.

Websites like, and, which track auction prices for works by multiple artists, can help you decide which of your works are worth the cost of a professional appraisal. You don’t want to spend more on a quote than the painting is worth.

How much does the valuation of a work of art cost?

Myth: It’s too expensive. Facts: First, ask for a flat fee for the entire quote, not an hourly rate; you can achieve it or not, but it doesn’t hurt to ask. A well-done quote will cost money about $ 125- $ 350 per hour.

How much do art appraisers earn?

The salaries of art appraisers in the US range from $ 27,040 to $ 97,080 , with an average salary of $ 51,860. The middle 60% of Art Appraisers earn $ 51,860 and the top 80% earn $ 97,080.

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How often should art be assessed?

** Update quotes every three to five years or before changing the disposition or ownership of any work of art you own. The prices of works of art fluctuate over time. Valuations are updated mainly for insurance purposes.