How do I contact my local dmv?

How to talk to a real person in CA DMV?


Number 916 is a direct line to the Sacramento DMV office (CA headquarters for all DMV offices).

Is the DMV picking up the phone?

How to contact the DMV by phone? DMV operates call centers to answer most customer calls; Inquiries and specialized call centers for custom plate inquiries, Empire State plate re-listing, and road test planning. The call center can redirect your call if it is unable to help you.

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How to contact the DMV?

To make an appointment or for other information, contact them at 1-800-777-0133.

How to contact PA DMV?

If you need assistance with a specific PennDOT Driving License Center, please contact our Driver and Customer Service Center staff at 717-412-5300. Hearing impaired people call 711 and a staff member will be happy to help.

When can I call the DMV?

DMV Call Center representatives are available for general assistance on weekdays 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (EST) (except public holidays). Important Note: Our call center representatives cannot process transactions. If you need to process a transaction, do so online now!

When is the best time to call the DMV?

When is the best time to visit the DMV?

  • Bright and early when the DMV opens.
  • Before lunch, before noon.
  • Midweek (Tuesday-Thursday)
  • In the middle of the month.

How to make an appointment at PA DMV?

You can make an appointment online by using our online driver test scheduling service or by by calling the Call Center at 1-717-412-5300.

Do I need to make an appointment for a DMV in PA?

Not. You don’t need to make an appointment. Just go to the nearest driving license center.

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How long does it take for a car title to be delivered by mail in PA?

Answer: In most cases, you will receive a permanent registration card and sticker. If you do not have a lien on your vehicle, PennDOT will send you the title within 3 weeks.

How to make an appointment at the DMV?

Visit to make an appointment or call 720-295-2965. This is where you start your appointment! U.S. citizens and temporary legal residents can make an appointment at any state driver’s license office.

Can I register a car online with PA?

Renewal of the vehicle and / or trailer registration can in most cases be done online at any of the PennDOT instant messaging services or by mail. Correspondence instructions can be found on the back of the relevant forms.

Can I personally renew my PA driving license?

Pennsylvania requires drivers to renew their licenses every four years on or before the expiry date, which is usually the day after the driver’s birthday. … PA driving license renewal can be done by mail, online or in person at local online messaging center.

How do you make an appointment?

You should make an appointment by phone or e-mail. Do not try to make an appointment via SMS, unless you are just asking a good friend if he would like to have lunch. When making an appointment, you must give the person your name and reason for wanting to make the appointment.

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How to make an appointment at DMV online?

Can I renew my driving license online?

Answer 2: Yesthe customer can renew the license online after making sure that all details of the traffic file are updated in the traffic system according to the new residence visa.

How to renew a PA driving license without a camera card?

Visit any DMV office and bring the completed DL-143 form. Pay the required fees. People who renew their driving license or ID card from May 10, 2020 will receive a new product with a current photo of that person that exists in our system. These persons will not be issued any camera cards.

Can I drive with an expired license?

As we mentioned, the first offense was for driving on expired the license is generally only a misdemeanor. This means that you can avoid serious penalties for this infraction. You may only have to pay a fine. You can avoid additional penalties by acquiring a license.