How do I reset my Windows 10 USB ports?

Right-click one of the USB controllers, and then click Uninstall device. Repeat for all USB controllers in the list. Step 4: Restart your computer. Windows will automatically scan the system and reinstall uninstalled USB controllers, resetting your USB ports.

How do I reset my USB ports?

There are three ways to reboot a specific USB port:

  • Restart the computer. Or …
  • Disconnect and then reconnect the physical device connected to the port. Or …
  • Disable and then re-enable the USB root hub device that the port is connected to.
  • How do I update my Windows 10 USB ports?

    Method 1: Use Device Manager to check for hardware changes

  • Click Start and then click Run. …
  • Enter devmgmt. …
  • In Device Manager, click your computer to highlight it.
  • Click Action, and then click Scan for hardware changes.
  • Check the USB device to see if it works.
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    How do I troubleshoot USB port issues?


  • Check USB ports or cables for physical damage.
  • Reset the BIOS to factory defaults.
  • Run a hardware diagnostics test.
  • Check USB device functionality on another device.
  • Run Optimize My System with Dell SupportAssist.
  • Check Windows Device Manager for errors.
  • Update the BIOS and chipset driver.
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    Why are all my USB ports not working anymore?

    Possible causes of USB ports not working properly are: The USB device is defective. … The computer is having trouble recognizing USB devices. The USB Selective Suspend function is enabled.

    How do I fix my USB flash drive that won’t read?

    How to fix an attached USB drive not showing up

  • prior checks.
  • Check device compatibility.
  • Update your operating system.
  • Windows Troubleshooter.
  • Use the Disk Management tool.
  • Try connecting to a different computer or USB port.
  • Troubleshooting drivers.
  • Use Device Manager to check for hardware changes.
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    Can USB ports break?

    The implication is certainly that USB ports can go bad. I guess it has more to do with “dirt” than anything else; The connectors will get a bit dirty over time due to exposure to the elements. Software can be confusing, sure, but that’s usually something you can clean up.

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    How do I fix my USB 3.0 port that isn’t working?

    Update to the latest BIOS or check if USB 3.0 is enabled in BIOS. In many cases, your motherboard is to blame for software issues with your USB 3.0 ports or other ports on the motherboard. Because of this, updating to the latest BIOS may resolve the issues.

    How to make Windows 10 recognize a USB device?

    Windows 10 does not recognize my USB device [Solved]

  • Start anew. Sometimes a simple reboot fixes an unrecognized USB device. …
  • Try a different computer. …
  • Connect other USB devices. …
  • Change the power management setting for the USB root hub. …
  • Update the USB port driver. …
  • Change the power setting. …
  • Change USB Selective Suspend settings.
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    How do I test if my USB ports are working?

    Determine the version of your computer’s USB ports

  • Open Device Manager.
  • In the Device Manager window, click the + (plus sign) next to Universal Serial Bus Controllers. You will see a list of USB ports installed on your computer. If your USB port name includes “Universal Host”, your port is version 1.1.
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    How do I enable admin blocked USB ports?

    Enable USB ports through Device Manager

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  • Click the Start button and type Device Manager or devmgmt. …
  • Click Universal Serial Bus Controllers to view a list of USB ports on the computer.
  • Right-click each USB port, then click Enable. If this does not re-enable the USB ports, right-click each one again and select Uninstall.
  • How to fix a damaged USB flash drive?

    For Windows users:

  • Right-click the start icon and select Device Manager.
  • Click Drives and locate the driver name of the corrupted USB drive.
  • Right-click the name and choose Uninstall device.
  • Disconnect the USB stick.
  • Reconnect the USB drive to the computer and the latest driver will be reinstalled automatically.
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