How do I restrict my hard drive to specific Windows 10 users?

Type gpedit. msc”. Under “User Configuration Administrative TemplatesAll Settings” look for a setting called “Prevent access to drives from my computer” and double-click it. Select Enabled and Restrict All Drives, then click OK.

How do I restrict disk access to specific users?

First type gpedit. msc in the Start menu search box and press Enter. Now navigate to User Configuration Administrative Templates Windows Components Windows Explorer. Then, on the right side under Settings, double-click Prevent access to drives from My Computer.

How to restrict drive to guest users in windows 10?

Restrict guest user access

  • Log on to your computer with an account that has administrator rights (administrator account). …
  • Click Create New Account if you need to create a user account for other people who will be using the computer. …
  • Click Start and Computer. Right-click the name of the hard drive you want to restrict access to.
  • How do I prevent others from accessing my files in Windows 10?

    Right-click the files/folders you don’t want Steam to access, click the Security tab, and then click Edit under Permissions. Then navigate through the displayed list of users, select “Steam” and under “Full Control” select “Decline”.

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    How do I lock my D drive in my guest account?

    If you want to prevent hard drives from being accessed by a standard or guest account, you can do it by logging into the administrator account and following the steps below. a. Open the Computer folder, then right-click the drive you want to restrict access to.

    Can I hide a drive in windows 10?

    msc” and press Enter to open Disk Management. Select the drive you want to hide and right-click on it, then select “Edit Drive Letter and Paths”. Select the drive and click the Remove button. If you follow the steps above, the selected drive will be hidden.

    How do I hide files in my guest account?

    Change folder permissions

  • Right-click the folder whose properties you want to restrict.
  • Select “Properties”
  • In the Properties window, go to the Security tab and click Edit.
  • If the guest user account is not included in the list of users or groups with defined permissions, you must click Add.
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    Can you create a guest account on windows 10?

    Unlike its predecessors, Windows 10 usually doesn’t let you create a guest account. You can still add accounts for local users, but these local accounts don’t prevent guests from changing your computer settings.

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    How can I prevent users from saving data to my desktop?

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  • Create a GPO, navigate to Computer Configuration > Policy > Windows Settings > Security Settings > File System.
  • Right click and add %userprofile%Desktop….etc for the different folders you want to restrict access to.
  • Specify permissions for the specified folders for users or user groups.
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    How do I protect my D drive with a password?

    Set a password for the hard drive:

  • Turn on the system. …
  • Use the arrow keys to navigate to Security or BIOS security features.
  • Highlight Set HDD Password or Change HDD Password and press ENTER.
  • You will be asked to enter a password and confirm it a second time. …
  • Press ENTER to confirm password creation.
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    How do I access my D drive?

    – To change user permissions

  • Right-click the folder whose access you want to change and choose Properties.
  • On the Security tab, click the “Edit” button.
  • Select the username for which you want to set access permissions. Check the permissions you need, then click OK.
  • Click “OK” to apply the changes.