How do I search for a file with a specific name on Linux?

How do I search for a specific word in a file in Linux?

How to find a specific word in a file in Linux

  • grep -rw ‘/path/to/search/’ -e ‘pattern’
  • grep –exclude=*.csv -Rw ‘/path/to/search’ -e ‘pattern’
  • grep –exclude-dir={dir1,dir2,*_old} -Rw ‘/chemin/vers/recherche’ -e ‘motif’
  • Find . – name “*.php” -exec grep “pattern” {};
  • How to search for a specific file in Linux?

    Basic examples

  • Find . – name this file.txt. If you need to know how to create a file named thisfile. …
  • find /home -name *.jpg. Look for everything. jpg in the /home directory and the directories below it.
  • Find . – Type f -blank. Look for an empty file in the current directory.
  • trouver /home -user randomperson-mtime 6 -iname « .db »
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    How to find and rename a file in Linux?

    Renaming files with the mv command

  • mv [OPTIONS] destination.
  • for f in *.html; do mv – “$f” “${f%.html}.php” done.
  • Find . – Depth -Name “*.html” -exec sh -c ‘f=”{}”; mv — ‘$f’ ‘${f%.html}.php’;
  • Rename [OPTIONS] perlexpr files.
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    How do I search for a specific word in a file in Unix?

    The UNIX grep command searches files for a user-defined text pattern. It returns a list of matched words or displays each line of text that contains them. You can expand the results by using wildcards. Grep also has the ability to count instances of a search expression occurring in a file.

    How to search all text of a file in Linux?

    Follow the steps below to find files that contain specific text on Linux.

  • Open your favorite terminal app. The XFCE4 terminal is my personal preference.
  • Navigate (if necessary) to the folder where you will be looking for files with specific text.
  • Enter the following command: grep -iRl “your-text-to-find” ./
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    How to search for a file in Unix?


  • -name filename – Searches the specified filename. You can use a pattern like *. …
  • -iname filename – Like -name, but the match is case insensitive. …
  • -user userName – The owner of the file is userName.
  • -group groupName – The group owner of the file is groupName.
  • -type N – search by file type.
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    How do I search for text on Linux?

    Grep is a Linux/Unix command line tool used to search for a string in a specific file. The text search pattern is called a regular expression. If it finds a match, it prints the line with the result. The grep command is useful when searching through large log files.

    How do I find the path of a file?

    Click the Start button, then click Computer, click to open the desired file location, hold down Shift and right-click the file. Copy as Path: Click this option to paste the full file path into a document. Properties: Click this option to instantly see the full file path (location).

    How to find the path in Linux?

    View your path environment variable.

    When you type a command, the shell looks for it in the directories specified by your path. You can use echo $PATH to find the directories your shell is configured to look for executables. To do this: Type echo $PATH at the command prompt and press ↵ Enter .

    How to copy and rename a file on Linux?

    The traditional way to rename a file is to use the mv command. This command moves a file to another directory, changes its name and leaves it in place, or both. But now we also have the rename command to do some serious renaming for us.

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    What command is used to check disk space usage in Linux?

    df. The df command stands for “diskless” and displays the available and used disk space on the Linux system.

    What command is used to identify files?

    That’s all! The file command is a useful Linux utility to determine the type of a file without an extension.

    How do I search for a specific word?

    You can search for a specific word or phrase on a web page on your computer.

  • On your computer, open a webpage in Chrome.
  • Click More in the top right. Find.
  • Enter your search term in the bar that appears at the top right.
  • Press Enter to search for the page.
  • Matches are highlighted in yellow.
  • How do I enter a word in a dictionary?

    GREP: Global Regular Expression Print/Parser/Processor/Program. You can use it to search the current directory. You can specify -R for “recursive”, which means that the program will search all subfolders and their subfolders and the subfolders of their subfolders, etc. grep -R “your word”.

    How do you manage a directory?

    To recursively collect all files in a directory, we need to use the -R option. When the -R options are used, the Linux grep command searches for the specified string in the specified directory and subdirectories within that directory. If no folder name is specified, the grep command searches for the string in the current working directory.