How fast do you earn points on prizerebel?

How to win money at PrizeRebel?

Do you want to earn extra money online? Register, complete questionnaires for points and exchange them for INSTANT cash deposits!

  • Get a FREE PrizeRebel account.
  • Complete market research surveys.
  • Exchange points for PayPal payments!
  • How much are PrizeRebel points worth?

    1st reward Rebel Point = $ 0.01

    For example, many survey sites offer the option to receive a PayPal payment, but you may need to collect more points to redeem this reward. At PrizeRebel, the value of points is fixed no matter what prize you choose to collect.

    How long does it take for PrizeRebel to approve prizes?

    How long does it take for PrizeRebel to approve prizes? It usually goes on 24 for PrizeRebel to process your claim. If you are at or above gold level, this may take several minutes.

    How many points is a dollar on PrizeRebel?

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    For PrizeRebel 1, the point will always be $ 0.01. Such as, 100 points will be $ 1 – 1000 points will be $ 10 and so on.

    How much does PrizeRebel pay for the survey?

    How much does PrizeRebel pay? The average wage for someone who spends several hours filling out surveys is usually around 5-10 dollars a brand. So it’s best to assume your earnings will be $ 2-5 per hour.

    How to get free points on PrizeRebel?

    A really simple way to get free points is use the PrizeRebel referral system which allows you to earn points for each friend or family member you receive to register with PrizeRebel. For each friend or family member you invite, you earn a 20% bonus based on all points earned by them.

    Is PrizeRebel legal?

    Is PrizeRebel legal? PrizeRebel is a legal way to earn money onlinebut you have to “work smarter, not harder.” As a reward, you can receive payment in cash or gift cards, starting with a withdrawal of $ 5 in cash or gift cards. Regular use of PrizeRebel means you can get paid every week!

    How do you use PrizeRebel?

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