How many ounces is the average robe

How much is an average cocktail in Robeks?

Robeks provides healthy cocktails and other meals from completely natural ingredients. Each special blend of smoothies and acai bowls combine a delicious combination of nutritious fruits and vegetables.

Robeks Menu Prices.

Mahalo Mango® Small $ 3.99
Mahalo Mango® Mediocre $ 4.99
Mahalo Mango® Large $ 5.99
Classic flavors

Is Robeks really healthy?

Jamba Juice, Smoothie King and Robeks everyone has healthy and nutritious cocktails on their menu. But registered nutritionist Carlene Thomas says to beware of a few pitfalls high in sugar and calories.

How much sugar is in a Robeks smoothie?


Berry Beneficial 22 oz (Z) 52
Berry Beneficial 30 oz (LG) 67
Queen of all greens 12 oz. (SM) 32
Queen of all greens 22 oz (Z) 56
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How much calories does Robeks acai contain?

What do users of the Nutritionix Track application eat from Robeks?

Product name Calories
Acai Special Bowl 16 oz 620
Acai Strawnana Berry Bowl 16 oz 440
Acai Tropical Mango Bowl 16 oz 540
Active Apple Cocktail, Large 1 smoothie 380

What’s good about Robeks?

Five popular flavors that make Robeks the best smoothie series

  • Acai Energizer. Acai is a low-calorie superfruit that contains five times more antioxidants than blueberries. …
  • 800 pounds. Gorilla. …
  • Tropi-Kale. …
  • Humming-bird. …
  • Open the Robeks Fresh Juices & Smoothies franchise.

Does Robeks have a lot of sugar?

Robeks is a franchise of juice bars with approximately 135 locations. One thing I like about them is that their default serving size is a very reasonable 12oz which helps keep calories (and sugar) safe relatively low.

Do the robes have keto options?

Robeks, a smoothie and juice franchise with more than 85 units nationwide, recently announced the launch of several new low sugar / keto friendly deals.

How to make garments with gorillas weighing 800 pounds?

Mixing peanut butter, banana, fat-free yogurt, soy milk, chocolate, multivitamins and quickly absorbed whey proteinThe 800 LB Gorilla is a great post-workout treat. Be sure to eat one after your workout in our state-of-the-art fitness center or as a midday snack to keep your body’s protein flowing and growing.

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What protein does robeks use?

ROBEKS – S00019 – Whey protein

Are the robes sugar-free?

Robeks has introduced two new cocktails, Almond Berry Surprise and Strawberry Avo Surprise, which use a patented dandelion sweetener for a satisfying taste without sugar and a custom keto booster to help keep net carbs low.

How to make Robeks cocktail?

Berry Brilliance smoothie

Robeks P-Nut Power Shake consists of a tablespoon of powder, ice, 1/2 cup of skim milk, 1 /4 peanut butter, one banana, and 1/2 cup of fat-free yogurt. Add ingredients to a blender and blend until smooth.

What’s in Jamba Juice?

Pomegranate juice mix (apple juice) [from concentrate]Pear juice [from concentrate]Pomegranate juice [from concentrate]citric acid, fruit and vegetable juices [color]Natural flavor)coconut drink (coconut water) [from concentrate]citric acid, lemon juice [from concentrate]), frozen berries, frozen …

Does Robeks have food?

From our classic Mahalo Mango to our superfood cocktails like Queen of All Greens or a classic like Mahalo Mango, here at Robeks we have something for everyone. … Over the years of serving delicious food, we have become innovators in the franchise market for acai bowls, juice and smoothies!

Is Robeks gluten free?

All Robeks cocktails and fresh juices are gluten free.

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What does the Robeks energy boost contain?

This powerful formula contains a unique and complex blend of natural energizing herbs, stress-modulating B vitamins and supporting minerals. Proven herbal energizers such as Korean and American Panax ginseng, Brazilian guarana and eleuthero rootpromote increased energy and vitality.

How much does the Robeks franchise earn?

A: Our royal family is 7% of the net sales of your first store. The license fee is reduced to 6.5% when a second store opens and drops to just 6% for people with 10 or more locations. If you sign an area development agreement, the royalties for all your stores are 6%.

Does Robeks have dairy products?

This latest iteration of the Robeks menu features several new product categories, one of which is the superfood smoothie category with ingredients like spirulina, flaxseeds, and turmeric that come together in tasty, unique recipes. They are too 100% dairy free and 100% vegan.

What yogurt does Robeks use?

Greek yoghurt Any other cocktail on the Robeks menu can be prepared with Greek yoghurt, too. What Makes Greek Yogurt Special? The high-quality Greek yogurt Robeks uses has twice as much protein as regular yogurt, has fewer carbohydrates and is 100% natural.