How many states of us start with the letter m

How many US states start with the letter D?

Can you name how many states start with each letter?

Letter Number % Valid
B 0 93.4%
to me 0 85.5%
D 1 85.2%
C. 3 84.9%

How many US states start with the letter P?

The only other letter with less than five appearances may surprise you: P! It’s only in PennsylvaniaNew Hampshire and Mississippi (double P conquers him to four appearances despite only appearing in three state names).

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How many US states have names that begin with C?

Are three US States starting with C.

How many US states start with J?

And you’d be close – the letter J actually appears in one state name: New Jersey.

What states start with C?


  • California.
  • Colorado.
  • Connecticut.

What state starts with Q?

Kentucky is a state located in the central-eastern United States.

What states begin with G?

US STATE COUNTRIES (click on any state to access its counties)
Florida Georgia Hawaii
Louisiana Maine Maryland
Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire
Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania

Is Pennsylvania a state?

Pennsylvania became the first major state and the second state to ratify the United States Constitution on December 12, 1787, five days after Delaware became the first. At the time, it was the most ethnically and religiously diverse of the thirteen states.

What city starts with the letter B?

City United States Cities starting with B

City 2021 Population Country
Boston 695,506 Massachusetts
Baltimore 575.584 Maryland
Bakersfield 389.007 California
Buffalo 254.290 New York

What states begin with F?

List of states

Full name and postal abbs. Surface area
Florida FL 138 887
Georgia GA 148 959
Hawaii HI 16 635
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How many US states start with S?

There are 21 to be listed in total.

Just like our last US States quiz, this is another with 21 answers: 21 states in America that contain the letter “S”.

What US state has the letter Z in it?

However, if you guessed J or Z, you’ve been close – and probably don’t live in New Jersey or Arizonabecause they are the only states that contain J and Z respectively.

Which country starts with F?

France Countries that begin with “F”

# Country Area (km²)
1 France 547 557
2 Finland 303 890
3 Fiji 18,270

Which country starts with H?

Haiti Countries that begin with “H”

# Country Area (km²)
1 Haiti 27.560
2 Honduras 111.890
3 Hungary 90 530
4 Holy See 0

Which country starts with Z?

Zambia Countries that begin with “Z”

# Country Population (2020)
1 Zambia 18 383 955
2 Zimbabwe 14 862 924

What country starts with the letter G?

Countries starting with “G”

# Country Density (P / Km²)
1 Germany 240
2 Ghana 137
3 Guatemala 167
4 Guinea 53

What country starts with Q?

Qatar Countries that begin with “Q”

# Country Area (km²)
1 runny nose 11.610

What country starts with O?

Oman Countries that begin with “O”

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# Country Population (2020)
1 Oman 5 106 626

Which country starts with W?

Officially Wales is the only country that begins with the letter W. Wales has a population of 3.136 million and three World Heritage sites.

What place starts with H?

Cities in the United States starting with H.

City 2021 Population Country
Honolulu 341,302 Hawaii
Hialeah 230.135 Florida
Huntsville 205 472 Alabama
Huntington Beach 197,417 California

What country starts with the letter V?

Countries starting with “V”

# Country Area (km²)
1 Vietnam 310 070
2 Venezuela 882.050
3 Vanuatu 12 190

Which countries start with the West?

Countries starting with W.

Name Population
Western Sahara 611.875
Wallis and Futuna 11.094

How many countries start with D?

Five countries

Five countries begin with D. Only five countries in the world have names that begin with D.