How many trainer points do you need to unlock dogs on nintendogs

How to cheat coach points on Nintendogs?

Get coach points.

  • Start your Nintendog dog’s day by stroking or brushing all dogs in the house until they glow.
  • Feed them all. Wash them all.
  • Take part in three competitions with all your dogs and if you take first place you will get around 100 Trainer Points.
  • Can you get all the races in Nintendogs?

    All races are unlockable except Jack Russellwhich requires finding the book. How many dogs can I have at Nintendogs? … Yes, if you earn enough Trainer Points for each race, you can have any race available in all games, except Jack Russell, which requires you to unlock the Jack Russell book.

    How to unlock Dalmatians in Nintendogs?

    Unlocked by items

    W Chihuahua and friends, Dachshund and friends, and Labrador and friends, Firefighter’s hat unlocks the Dalmatian. The Jack Russell Terrier is unlocked in all versions of the Jack Russell Book.

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    How to get puppies on Nintendogs?

    You can race dogs! It worked for me after 5 days all you have to do is get a boy and girl dog who are friends together and give them only milk and dry food, then put a rose on the girl and the lucky collar and boy and leave it overnight with the charger ! The puppy will be waiting for you there!

    How to get a lot of money on Nintendogs?

    Make money

    There are two ways to earn money on Nintendogs: contests and sale of items. Dogs can be trained and participate in three different types of competition: Obedience Trials, Agility and Disc Competitions.

    How to get a fire hat on Nintendogs?

    A fireman’s hat is a type of headgear at Nintendogs. This is a starter item in the Dalmatian & Friends version, but much harder to find in other versions. This hat is rarely found by the player on a walkwhich will unlock the Dalmatian race for their game, if they don’t already have one.

    How many dogs can you unlock in Nintendogs?

    By being a good owner and / or meeting your Nintendogs friends in Bark Mode, you can unlock more races, even a total of 20 different dogs! Features Dalmatian (difficult to unlock in previous versions), boxer, German shepherd, golden retriever, yorkshire terrier, beagle.

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    Which Nintendogs Does Shiba Inu Have?

    Shiba Inu (Japanese 柴, Shiba) is a dog breed available in Nintendogs and Nintendogs + Koty. It’s just a Japanese Nintendogs mascot that would be replaced by a Labrador Retriever, and in Nintendogs + Cats it appears as a Japanese, Korean and Chinese mascot instead of the Golden Retriever.

    How to get Jack Russell on Nintendogs?

    Unlock the race

    Find Jack Russell’s book about walks in the woods. Find the Book of Jack Russell while walking in the woods. Find the Book of Jack Russell while walking in the woods.

    Which Nintendogs has a pug?

    The Pug is a dog breed available in Nintendogs and its sequel to 3DS.