How Much Does AAA Membership Cost in Washington State?

How much does AAA membership cost?

Pricing and Benefits of AAA Roadside Assistance Membership

membership type Annual cost Perfect for
AAA classic/Basic PLN 40– $ 74 People with limited driving distance from home
AAA Plus 60 PLN – 124 PLN People who regularly drive more than 10 miles from home
AAA Premiere $ 77- $ 164 Frequent travelers

June 29, 2021

Is AAA available in Washington State?

AAA Washington is the largest independent personnel line insurance agency in Washington, serving Washington and Northern Idaho. AAA Washington will be to remain an independent insurance agency and to offer new products of Auto Club MAPFRE Insurance Company under the AAA Insurance brand.

How can I get AAA membership cheaply?

Can I get a AAA membership discount? There are several options available to help you save on AAA membership, which include: $ 10 discount with auto-renewal$ 20 off when you refer friends to AAA and up to $ 20 off renewal fees when you gift a membership.

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Is AAA a monthly or annual fee?

AAA offers three basic types of membership with prices ranging from $ 56 to $ 119 per year. Some benefits vary, but all memberships include emergency roadside assistance, DMV / MVD * services, trip planning by travel experts, and discounts at over 120,000 hotels, restaurants, cinemas and more.

What does AAA membership include?

What does AAA membership include? AAA Membership Includes roadside assistance, travel discounts, repair servicesand perks that vary by plan. Regardless of your plan, you’ll receive free tire changes, four roadside assistance calls per year, and free fuel delivery.

Is there a senior citizen discount on AAA membership?

Unfortunately, there is no official discount for AAA seniors. If you’re looking to save, it’s worth taking a look at other AAA deals – more below. With that said, members of the American Automobile Association may be able to save elsewhere precisely through their membership.

Does AAA offer a seniority discount?

At AAA City Removalist, we have a strong sense of community and are always looking for ways to enrich our customer experience. One of the ways we do this is by offering 10% discount for all senior card holders.

Does my AAA membership include my wife?

Provide peace and protection for household members. Add family members to your AAA membership today! … Associate membership is available to the spouse of the primary memberone more adult living in the household and their children living in the same place of residence or outside the school.

What does my AAA Plus membership include?

AAA Plus members receive Classic tier benefits and additional perks, including: Extended towing (up to 100 miles) Free upgrade of 1 car to a discount on towing hire. Free emergency fuel.

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Can I add a family member to my AAA membership?

Whether you have AAA Classic, Plus or Premier, you can add members in your household and children outside the school. So if you want to add your spouse, life partner or parent who lives with you, or a teenage driver just starting their journey, they are all eligible for AAA membership.

Can my girlfriend use my AAA card?

According to the AAA, membership benefits the actual member, not the vehicle. This means that if you are with someone who has car problems, you can use your card to get service for your vehicle. … So if you figured out that you were asking “can I use my AAA for a friend”, now you have the answer.

Can I join AAA when I need to tow?

After joining AAA, can I call the service immediately – is there a waiting period? Basic AAA membership benefits are available to members immediately upon joining. … NOTE: Past breakdowns are limited to AAA Basic contingency benefits, regardless of the date of inclusion or update.

Is AAA insurance expensive?

Are AAA Insurance Rates Competitive? Yes, AAA insurance rates are competitive with some drivers, including seniors, teenagers, and students. AAA car insurance costs an average of $ 576 per yearor $ 48 per month.

Will AAA skip my car?

We can test the battery in your car free of charge and start or replace it on site if necessary.

Can I use my mom’s AAA card?

Yesbut must be registered as an associate member. Primary Member – The Primary Member is the first person in the household to join AAA. Membership includes Emergency Roadside Assistance and all other services and benefits.

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How many times can you call AAA in a year?

Any member (basic or associate) in your household is allowed four road ambulance calls per year. (If your household has two AAA members, they are each entitled to four interviews for a total of eight.) There is no waiting time between roadside assistance calls.

How many free tows do you get with AAA?

You get 4 free statements up to 4 free lifts per year with AAA roadside assistance coverage. The distance that the car can travel free of charge will depend on the AAA membership level you choose and the Regional Club you belong to.

Does AAA help with flat tires?

Don’t stay flat.

Depending on the damage to the tire, AAA Roadside Assistance may fit a spare tire, inflate the tire or tow the vehicle away.

How fast is triple A?

The fastest time of arrival of any emergency roadside assistance provider is the American Automobile Association (AAA) in 35 minutes.

What is the highest AAA membership?

Premier AAA Membership

Premier AAA Membership

The highest level of AAA benefits and services.

What is the difference between AAA and AAA Plus?

AAA Classic is our entry-level membership product that sets the standard of roadside excellence and brings safety, security, savings and peace of mind to our members. AAA Plus enhances the benefits of Classic Membership products for those members who wish for a higher level of coverage.

What are AAA doing?

Everything from towing a broken vehicle To unlock it for a flat tire or spent battery replacement, AAA provides this assistance through local private towing companies contracted by the AAA club. All plans include towing, battery service, tire replacement, no fuel, a lockout and even a service for a immobilized vehicle.