How much is a cube baler for hay

How much do square balers cost?

Most new square balers start at approximately $ 25,000. Prices for our mini round balers start from as low as $ 6,999 or less on a bundle offer.

How much does a new baler cost?

A widely used high-capacity press can cost money from $ 100,000 to $ 750,000 or more depending on the option. Iron presses can cost anywhere from $ 180,000 to $ 1 million.

What is the average size of a square bale of hay?

Generally, square bales are sold in two and three twine sizes. Two-string hay bales are usually 14 “high x 18” wide x 35 “longand three string bales are 16 ” tall x 22 ” wide x 44 ” long. Round bales can have different diameters depending on the size of the baler they are made of.

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How fast can a square baler drive?

Ironing at high speed up to 110 bales / houryou’ll be able to do it faster.

How much is a bale of cardboard worth?

Cardboard goes everywhere from $ 10.00- $ 70.00 per bale depending on your geographic location. With a pickup rate of 6 bales for pickup, you can earn $ 60.00 to $ 420 pickup.

How many tons is a cardboard bale?

Calculation of size and weight

Type of material Loose Baled
Cardboard 50 – 100 lb / s 600 – 1100 lb / s
PET (soda bottles, food packaging, etc.) 30 – 40 lb / s 200-500 lb / s
HDPE (milk jugs, detergent containers, etc.) 22 – 25 lb / s 200 – 500 lb / s
Aluminum cans 50 – 75 lb / s 150-500 lb / s

How long does it take to bal an acre of hay?

This hardware compliment is a must approximately 1.1 hours per acre complete all tasks. Table 5 shows the load per bale calculation at different labor rates and hay yields per acre.

How long does it take to make the hay on bail?

Forge while the iron is hot. Curing may take a while one to three dry dayssunny summer weather or may require five to seven days of rainless in cloudy, cool conditions on moist soil.

How fast can hay be rounded in bales?

If the stocks are uniform, full-width, and large in size, you should be able to travel about approx. 4 to 6 mph (6 to 9 km / h). Choose a picking speed that minimizes hay shaking to reduce leaf loss. If the swaths are small and light, reduce the revs to avoid a bale that is too dense, but keep driving speed.

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How many bales of hay can you get from 2 acres?

With an average bale weight of around 40 pounds (with our Abriata Small Square Baler or any of our mini balers), this 100 bales to acre for the first cut.

Is the sale of hay profitable?

“If you get $ 125 per ton of high-quality hay, you’ll see a profit of up to USD 51 per tonor $ 204 per acre. “There is a possibility of making some pretty good hay money.” Brown says producers could choose to grow higher quality hay and sell it to the dairy or specialty hay market.

How much does cutting a rake and baling hay cost?

The common rule is that it costs money about $ 50 per ton for cutting, raking, baling and stacking hay at the edge of the field. This number may be lower if you are making a lot of acres, and may be higher when you are making small pieces.

How many times a year can you mow hay?

Grass can be hay in most areas of the country mow twice, sometimes three times a year. The first cut generally gives the best yield. Some animals, such as sheep, prefer the delicate second or third cut of hay stalks.

How many bales of hay does a cow need per day?

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A 1,200 pound cow ready to be processed will require 36 pounds of feed per day based on the formula used here. Thirty-six pounds of hay is close one small square bale of hay per a day considering a little wastage.

What is the average hay yield per acre?

Average yields of dry hay in the US (all types) fell from 2.52 tonnes per acre in 2016 to 2.44 tons per acre inches 2017.

Can the hay be too dry for baling?

Although hay with extremely low moisture content may not be susceptible to the growth of mold and bacteria, this is because most of the nutritional value of this hay has already disappeared. If the hay is too dry before it is pressed, the feed leaves become stiff and brittlewhich significantly increases the likelihood of their falling off.

Can you Ted hay with dew on it?

If the drying conditions are poor and it is raining or the hay is heavy, it can be thrown a second time. This is for any type grass or legumes or mix, if a lot of legumes, use slow speed and do so with the dew. Often you only have a few hours to get it right.

Can you mow the hay at night?

Although starch and simple sugars accumulate during the day, a significant amount of these carbohydrates are consumed during the night for growth and maintenance (through respiration processes). Therefore, crop cutting at night will likely maximize sugar in crops, at least at the time of pruning.