How to activate super alexa mode?

What is Super Alexa mode?

Super Alexa mode is activated with the famous Konami Code, also known as Contra Code, and calls a stupid answer which sometimes contains an unclear reference to League of Legends. It’s an Easter egg rather than a practical function.

What is the Alexa Self-Destruct Code?

One of Alexa’s most beloved humor-based commands is her self-destruct code; Easter Star Trek egg for keen ears. Alexa self-destruct activation code is: “Code zero, zero, zero, destruction, zero.”With this command, it starts counting down from 10, and when it reaches one, the sound of the exploding ship is played.

How to activate Alexa self-destruct?

To start the skill, just say “Alexa, code zero zero zero destroy zero” (Self-destruct code used by Captain Kirk for Federation spacecraft NCC-1701 and NCC-1701B – Enterprise).

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How to make Alexa curse?

To do this, give Alexa announces and say all the uncensored profanity you want to share. Then Alexa will repeat it to everyone, just like you said.

What if you say Alexa Intruder Alert?

Description. If you believe there is an intruder in your home, this skill uses Alexa to think twice and encourage them to leave. Alexa pretends to turn on audio and video recording and also pretends to call an ambulance.

Can Alexa actually self-destruct?

Self-Destruct: Alexa Skills. Including this skill can be accessed on all available Alexa devices.

Who is Alex’s male voice?

Alexa’s new male voice option kicked off this week, just days after Amazon announced Shaquille O’Neal and Melissa McCarthy’s voices would be joining Samuel L. Jackson Alexa celebrity voice.

Can Echo call 911?

If you’re using Echo Connect in addition to your Echo device, you’ll be able to say “Alexa, call 911” and Alexa will connect you with local emergency services.

What happens if you tell Alexa to call the police?

As another option, Alexa can: call non-emergency numbers simply by asking. Again, Alexa won’t be able to call 911 or the emergency services, but can contact one of your contacts and call you by voice.

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Can Alexa call 999?

6. Can I text or call emergency services using Alexa Communication? No, emergency services like 999 or 112 are not available through Alexa communication. You should make sure that you can contact the appropriate emergency service providers through a mobile, landline, or other service.

Can Alexa call 000?

Alexa Calling does not support calling or answering phone numbers. 5. Can I text or call emergency services using Alexa Communication? No, emergency services such as 000 in Australia or 111 in New Zealand are not available through Alexa Communication.

Does Alexa swear?

Alexa is a family friendly device, so she doesn’t swear by defaultbut there are a few workarounds that can curse her. … While Alexa is designed to be a useful tool, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun making her swear.