How to activate windows 8 1 pro offline?

How can I activate my Windows 8.1 for free?

To activate Windows 8 over the Internet:

  • Log on to the computer as an administrator, and then connect to the Internet.
  • Press Windows key + I to open the Settings charm.
  • In the lower-right corner of the screen, select Change PC settings.
  • In the PC settings, select the Activate Windows tab. …
  • Select the Enter button.
  • Can I use Windows 8.1 without activation?

    You don’t need to activate Windows 8

    It is true that the installer will require you to enter a valid Windows 8 key before you can proceed with the installation. However, the key is not activated at the time of installation and the installation works fine without an internet connection (or a call to Microsoft).

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    How do I activate Windows without internet?

    You can do this by typing the slui.exe 3 command. This will open a window where you can enter a product key. After you enter your product key, the wizard will attempt to validate it online. Again, you are offline or on a standalone system, so this connection will fail.

    How do I activate Windows 8.1 Pro on my laptop?

    To activate Windows 8.1 over an internet connection:

  • Select the Start button, type PC settings, and then select PC settings from the list of results.
  • Choose Activate Windows.
  • Enter your Windows 8.1 product key, select Next and follow the instructions.
  • How do I find my product key for Win 8.1?

    Enter the following command in the command prompt window or in PowerShell: wmic path softwarelicensingservice get OA3xOriginalProductKey and confirm the command with “Enter”. The program will give you the product key so you can write it down or just copy and paste it somewhere.

    How do I get a Windows 8.1 product key?

    So you can go to and buy a downloadable version of Windows 8.1. You will receive an email with the product key that you can redeem and you can just ignore (never download) the actual file. Microsoft MVPs are independent experts with actionable answers. Learn more at

    How to bypass Windows 8.1 product key during installation?

    The fastest and easiest way to install Windows 8.1 without a product key is to create a Windows installation USB drive. We need to download a Windows 8.1 ISO image from Microsoft if we haven’t already. Next, we can use a USB key of 4 GB or more and an application of the likes of Rufus to create a USB key to install Windows 8.1.

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    How can I get Windows 8.1 build 9600 for free?


  • Run Microsoft Toolkit.exe as administrator. If you see a blue screen on Windows 8 -> Click “More info” -> “Run anyway”.
  • Click on the Windows icon.
  • Click the Activation tab, click EZ-Activator.
  • Once activated, you can click Uninstall on the Activation tab under the inscription Tool – AutoKMS.
  • How to restore Windows 8.1 without disk?

    Update without installation media

  • Boot the system and go to Computer > C:, where C: is the drive where Windows is installed.
  • Create a new folder. …
  • Insert the Windows 8/8.1 installation media and navigate to the source folder. …
  • Copy the install.wim file.
  • Paste the install.wim file into the Win8 folder.
  • How much data is needed to activate windows 10?

    Depending on the version, the download of the Windows 10 operating system is between 3 and 3.5 gigabytes.

    Can you activate windows 10 without internet?

    Answers (5)  Hi Russell, Windows 10 cannot be activated offline, the activation model in Windows 10 is different from previous Windows versions.

    How do I activate Windows 10 without a product key?

    5 ways to activate Windows 10 without a product key

  • Step 1: First you need to go to the settings in Windows 10 or go to Cortana and enter the settings.
  • Step-2: Open Settings and then click Update & Security.
  • Step-3: Click Activation on the right side of the window.
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    How do I activate my Windows 8 laptop without a product key?

    Method 1: Manual

  • Select the correct license key for your Windows edition. …
  • Run Command Prompt in Administrator mode. …
  • Use the slmgr /ipk your_key command to install a license key. …
  • Use the slmgr /skms command to connect to my KMS server. …
  • Activate your Windows with the command “slmgr /ato”.
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    How do I get a free product key for Windows 8?


    YOU WILL GET THE WINDOWS 8 KEY AS FOLLOWS: When you buy Windows 8, you will get the key in the CD/DVD box. If you buy Windows online, you will receive the keys by email.

    What happens if Windows 8 is not activated?

    I would like to inform you that Windows 8 lasts 30 days without activation. During the 30-day period, Windows will display the “Activate Windows” watermark approximately every 3 hours. … After 30 days, Windows will prompt you to activate it and every hour the computer will turn off (shut down).