How to ask a question on ask fm

How do you see the questions you asked on ask fm?

Everything you just click the Answers icon in the notification bar to See all yours answers to questions.

How do I get more questions on Ask FM?

Another way to … get some questions shares your profile on other social networks to let all your friends know you’re on ASKfm! You can find even still friends like this, and they will find you and I ask more questions.

How do I post an anonymous question on Ask FM?

On ASKfm there are two kinds anonymity – you can ask anonymous questions and you can also receive questions With anonymous users. Every time you ask a questionyou can choose if you want to show your identity by clicking on “ask anonymously“And will change to”To ask openly”.

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Is ask FM still a thing?

It is now well known and used to be a form of anonymous social media that encouraged the anonymous submission of questions. The site was established in 2010 in Riga, Latvia.


Type of business Social network
Users 215 million
Launched June 16, 2010
Current state Active

Why is ask FM not working?

Android: Go to Settings -> Application Manager, select ASKfm and tap “Force Stop”. Try reopening the app. If the problem persists, remove the app and reinstall it from Google Play.

Will it ever ask FM to shut down?

“The answer is yes,” said Doug Leeds, CEO of the new owner of the controversial social network To “We looked at locking this down and we thought of it as an option. In an interview with Newsbeat from the US, he said that the company decided it was worth trying to make the turn To around.

How can I reactivate my Ask FM account?

Down reactivate Your old account, just log in and it will work as usual.

Can I permanently delete my Ask FM account?

Click “Deactivate the account“to permanently remove your To account. Click here Deactivate the account button at the bottom of the page to permanently remove your bill.

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How to ask FM earns?

TO ASK coins are our inner currency that users can get on ASKfm and also use them there. You can get coins as follows: Receiving rewards for answers. The more creative, fun, interesting content dothe more chances of To get rewarded!