How to change the lock in the filing cabinet?

Can you replace the lock in the filing cabinet?

Stuff YouI will need

Quite often the owners of these cabinets must to replace these locks due to lost keys or to prevent unauthorized access in an office environment. Luckily, this it’s fairly easy to do to replace and lock of the filing cabinet;even if you I don’t have the key anymore.

How do I remove a file cabinet lock without a key?

To choose lock of the filing cabinet, straighten the paper clip and leave one end curved. Hold the paperclip vertically and insert the curved end into the keyhole and the pins will be pressed down in the center. You can do the same with a nail clipper file.

How to change the file cabinet lock key?

How do I fix the file cabinet lock?

The last way to open up closed filing cabinet is to use a drill. Set locker for documents cling to the wall to act as a brace. Place the drill bit in the center lock of the filing cabinet; and start drilling. The power and torque from the drill will result Lock jump out from the inside.

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Can you drill a file cabinet lock?

If you you lost the key to your locked one locker for documents and you you have to get into it, you can call a locksmith and pay for making a new key or you can drill this lock out To get cabinet unlocked. Of course drilling this cabinet will leave Lock doesn’t work, but it will you in you filing cabinet.

How does the filing cabinet lock work?

Everyone lock of the filing cabinet has a glass like a door Lock. This cup He’s working in the same way. When the key is inserted into the lock of the filing cabinetthe teeth push and move the pawls into place, depending on the shape of the key.