How to check if SMTP port is open on Linux?

If you have access to the system and want to check whether it is locked or unlocked, you can use netstat -tuplen | use grep 25 to see if the service is enabled and listening for the IP address or not. You can also try iptables -nL | to use grep to see if your firewall has a rule defined.

How to check if SMTP port is open or not?

Type telnet MAILSERVER 25 (replace MAILSERVER with your mail server (SMTP), which can be something like or Press enter. If this port is blocked, you will get a connection error.

How do I know if SMTP is working?

How to manually test if an SMTP server can receive email

  • From the Windows Start menu, select Start->Run and type CMD as the application to open. Choose OK.
  • At the command prompt, type: telnet 25. The remote mail server should respond with an initialization string similar to the following: …
  • Type the word QUIT and then press Enter.
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    How to check if SMTP port is open or not in Ubuntu?

    You should check it from your home PC or any computer other than your Linux server. You can use different tools like Telnet, Curl, Netcat (nc), etc. In any case, if you have a 220 SMTP mail server hostname, it shows that the port is open.

    How do I check if an outbound port is open?

    To test whether a specific outbound port on your network is being blocked by a malicious middlebox, you can try to telnet to a server running a service on that port. In this example we use, a public service that was developed for this purpose. It uses iptables nat table and has all tcp ports open.

    How do I know if my port 465 is open?

    There are several ways to check if a specific port is blocked on your network. The easiest way to check this is to use the telnet command on your terminal as shown in the screenshot above. If port 465 is blocked, you will get a connection error or no response at all.

    How to open SMTP port 587?

    How to enable SMTP service for port 587 in MailEnable

  • Open MailEnable and expand Servers→localhost→Services and Connectors.
  • Right-click the SMTP service and click Properties.
  • Go to Inbound and in the Port Settings section click Settings.
  • Check the “Listen on another port” box and enter 587 in the field next to it.
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    How do I find my SMTP server settings?


  • Open the Mail app.
  • Press Menu and select Settings.
  • Choose Account Settings.
  • Click on the email account you want to edit.
  • Scroll all the way down and click More settings.
  • Choose Output Settings.
  • Enable the Login required option.
  • How do I find my SMTP relay?

    How to find the SMTP mail server for an email address

  • Open a DOS prompt.
  • Type nslookup.
  • Your computer’s DNS server name and IP address are displayed.
  • Type “set type=mx” – This causes NSLOOKUP to return only so-called MX records (Mail eXchange) from DNS servers.
  • For example, enter “” or use your own domain name.
  • How do I configure SMTP?

    How to configure an SMTP server

  • Select the “Account Settings” voice in your email client, usually under the “Tools” menu.
  • Select the “Outgoing Server (SMTP)” voice:
  • Click on the “Add…” button to define a new SMTP. A pop-up window will appear:
  • Now fill in the votes as follows:
  • How do I check if port 587 is open?

    2. Using telnet command to check SMTP port 587 connection

  • Notice the following line in your console. Make sure you change the domain name accordingly. …
  • If the SMTP port 587 is not blocked, the response 220 will be displayed. …
  • If the message Unable to connect or Connection refused appears, the port is blocked.
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    How do I know if an IMAP port is open?

    Check port 143 for IMAP and port 993 if using SSL.

    Test the IMAP connection:

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  • Start a command prompt.
  • Enter the TELNET port {web server}, for example TELNET exchangesrvr01 143.
  • entrant . LOGIN {login} {password} for example LOGIN [email protected] secret.
  • go in . LIST ” ” ” * ” to display the mailbox.
  • Press CTRL + ]and then EXIT to exit.
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    Is port 587 an SSL?

    msa (port 587) Ports 465 and 587 are used for communication between the mail client and mail server, ie for sending e-mails using the SMTP protocol. SSL encryption is automatically initiated before each SMTP level communication. … The standard SMTP port accepts emails from other mail servers to its “internal” mailboxes without authentication.

    How to check if port 5060 is open?

    According to Wikipedia, SIP listens on 5060/5061 (UDP or TCP). To check which port is listening, you can use one of these commands on the SIP server: lsof -P -n -iTCP -sTCP:LISTEN,ESTABLISHED.

    How do I know if a port is blocked?

    Check port 25 in Windows

  • Open the “Control Panel”.
  • Go to “Programs”.
  • Select “Turn Windows features on or off”.
  • Check the Telnet Client box.
  • Click OK”. A new box will appear on your screen that says “Search for required files”. Once the process is complete, Telnet should be fully functional.
  • How do I check if a port is blocked?

    Check Windows Firewall for blocked ports

  • Start Command Prompt.
  • Run netstat -a -n.
  • Verify that the specific port is listed. If it is, it means the server is listening on that port.
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