How to contact nintendo for a repair

How do I contact Nintendo for a repair?

If you want to get your game fixed or listed, and your game was created directly by Nintendoplease connection (800) 255-3700 for an overview of the options available.

How do I send my Nintendo Switch for repair?

How long does it take to repair a Nintendo?

Configuration repair With Nintendo is quickly, easily and safely. Click here for more repair Information. How they do repairs for a long time generally To take? Down renovation in the US using our Inbound Shipping program, approximate lead time is From 1 1/2 to 2 weeks from dispatch of the product until receipt of the return shipment.

How much does Nintendo switch repair cost?

What are the common repair costs?

Nintendo Switch Analysis Using our specially designed test stand diagnostics, we will quickly and accurately identify the problem in each system we receive. $ 19.99
Joycon Renovation We repair all the problems with Joycon From 40..95 $

Is Nintendo repair free?

If your Nintendo Joystick switches become unreliable, steering the game in random directions, even if you didn’t physically push them that way, you can experience Joy-Con Drift. And although Nintendo has not officially admitted the defect, the company is now quiet repair controllers free fee

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Does Gamestop repair consoles?

Yes and no, they repair and renew consoles but not at store level and not as per customer request, so it’s best if you are out of warranty to contact the manufacturer for a refund or replacement option. gamestop will give you almost nothing if console install under warranty or work perfect