How to contact vietnam airlines

How to contact Vietnam Airlines

Last updated: June 11, 2021 | Author: Angela Durant

How do I contact Vietnam Airlines?

Contact us

  • Contact Center in Vietnam: open 24 hours a day. Phone call inside Vietnam: 1900 1100. Phone call from abroad Vietnam: +84 24 38320320.
  • lotus miles Contact Center in Vietnam: open 24 hours a day. Phone call inside Vietnam: 1900 1800.
  • Support for tickets purchased on the website: Open 24/7. Phone call inside Vietnam: 1900 1100.
  • How do I contact Vietnam Airlines from Australia?

    Vietnam Airlines Sydney office

  • Reservations and Ticketing. Tel: (61-2) 9285 4700. Fax: (61-2) 9283 9662. Email: helpdesk.syd@vietnam
  • LotusSmiles. Tel: (61-2) 9285 4789 Fax: (61-2) 9283 9662 Email: lotusmiles.syd@vietnam
  • sales and marketing. Tel: (61-2) 9285 4789. Email: Sales.Ouch@vietnam
  • Does Vietnam Airlines still fly to Australia?

    Repatriation only flights in between Vietnam and Australia currently operate. As for Vietnam Airlines‘ Hanoi-Sydney connection, bookings remain closed until March 26, 2021 based on recent updates. airlines make frequent changes to the timetable information due to driving bans and restrictions.

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    Is Vietnam Airlines a full service airline?

    With 110 aircraft expected to operate in 2020, Vietnam Airlines aims to become the second largest fullservice provider in Southeast Asia.

    What aircraft does Vietnam Airlines use?

    Our fleet

    • Boeing 787.
    • Airbus A350.
    • Airbus A321.

    How many airlines are there in Vietnam?

    Up to now there are 04 major domestic Airlines in Vietnamincluding Vietnam Airlines the national carrier and member of the Sky Team; VietJet Air the first privately owned and an international low-cost airline; Pacific airlines another low cost airline serves as part of Vietnam Airlines; and bamboo respiratory tract a new