How to delete course hero documents (2022)

How to delete course hero documents (2022)

How do I remove my Course Hero documents?

To ask removal of specific documents you have uploaded, please click the Contact Us button below. In the application, please include: URL or title of document. The reason you would like to document to be removed.

How to delete uploaded documents?

Click on File section list. If you remove a documentpay attention to the URL of document to create a redirect. If you remove an image, you can skip this step. In the Actions column, select Delete link to file or an image to be deleted.

Is Course Hero illegal?

Hero Course does not tolerate copyright infringement, plagiarism or fraud of any kind. Anyone who abuses Hero Course to gain an unfair advantage; presents the content of another article as its own; or violating a law, ordinance, code of ethics or school code will be permanent prohibited from the platform.

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Can you delete a Coursehero question?

How to delete a question from course hero? I’m leaving to library and click “My Question lab ‘Then go and Remove on I ask you want to.

Can you cheat Course Hero?

one of the big problems with Hero Course is that if student wants cheatthe website offers all the tools they must do so. It provides a temptation for students who are looking for answers to exams and want to cheat in class. You too I candoes not track who uses Hero Course.

Can you cancel Course Hero?

You can cancel Yours Hero Course recurring subscription at any time to stop additional fees. If you registered through our Hero Course website, follow these steps to cancel your recurring subscription: Log in and hold the mouse cursor over your profile picture and go to your account settings.

Can you cancel Course Hero and get your money back?

You can cancel Your recurring subscription at any time by following the instructions here before renewing. Your account will return to a primary (free) membership once your prepaid time has expired. If you were charged for renewal and did not use any of your unlocks or your questions, you can ask full recovery.

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Can I get my money back from Course Hero?

Recovery query: The fastest way to I find exit if you meet the requirements for a recovery is to connect using the “contact us” button below. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Unsubscribe: To cancel your membership subscription to avoid the next recurring charge, follow the instructions here.

Is a cancellation hero safe?

Is this a service? safe to use? Yes! We use the safest payment method (Stripe) available to charge a one-time fee. In addition, you will never be re-charged by us.