How to delete Facebook albums

How do I delete an album in the Facebook app?

Down delete an album on Android:

  • Go to yours albums and tap album you want delete.
  • Tap the icon that looks like 3 dots on a vertical line.
  • Obtain Delete.
  • Why can’t I delete albums on Facebook?

    Facebook Support team

    What album are you trying delete? You are not able to delete albums which are created automatically (e.g. timeline photos, profile photos, cover photos, uploads from a mobile phone).

    How do I delete my Mobile Uploads album on Facebook 2020?

    Mobile upload is automated album made by Facebook. It consists of all your time transferring With mobile devices that make up the set. This is like the other defaults albums like profile photos, timeline photos, etc. You can’t delete this is the default function provided by Facebook.

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    How do I remove an album from my timeline?

    Facebook support team

  • Go to your profile and click Photos.
  • Click here Albums at the top, then click album you want delete.
  • Click the settings icon in the upper right corner and select Delete the album.
  • Click to confirm.
  • How to delete an empty Facebook album?

    You can also click on album cover picture open album. Then click on the gear icon in the right corner. The same pop-up will appear, click “Delete the album“.

    How can I quickly delete Facebook photos?

    First select Profile Cinema or the Cover Photos album, then hover your mouse over the photo you want delete and click on the little pencil and it will display a familiar-looking drop-down menu. Choose Delete This photo, then repeat these steps for each photo in your profile Cinema and / or photo albums for the cover.

    Why can’t I delete old Facebook photos?

    If you want to get rid of the post or picture which was posted by someone else on Facebookyou I can not delete alone. You will have to ask them privately for to remove this. You I can not delete and picture that others have posted, but you can hide it from your timeline or to remove tag.

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    How can I remove anything from my Facebook?

    Click here Your Facebook Link to the information in the Security and Login section and go to Delete yours Link to account and information. There you will be able to deactivate your account, which will allow you to keep access to Messenger, download Your Information, or Delete Account.

    Can I delete my entire Facebook timeline?

    Go to Activity Log> Manage Activity and tap on the pop-up that says Your Posts. When you see a list of your posts, Power Choose all posts you want to archive or deleteand select the appropriate option.

    This article was viewed 346,334 times. You can delete posts and remarks which you did next Facebook using the mobile application. You can remove remarks others have done on something you posted but you can’t delete comments left on posts you didn’t create.

    How to remove Facebook reaction?

    All you need to do is locate the post or comment you want he reacted enabled, then click reaction down to remove this. That’s it! As soon as you click on yours reaction, reaction will disappear. This works for both posts and comments on the page Facebook website.