How to display message in MQ Unix queue?

How to browse messages in MQ?

Browse messages in MQ

Right-click on the queue and choose the “Browse message” option. Message Browser window open with all messages listed, double-click on the message to see the ownership and content of the message.

How to monitor MQ queues?

To view real-time monitoring information for a queue or channel, use IBM® MQ Explorer or the appropriate MQSC command. Some monitoring fields display a pair of flag values ​​separated by commas, which helps you monitor the operation of your queue manager.

How to check queue in Linux?

To check the status of a queue, enter the System V-style command lpstat -o queuename -p queuename or the Berkeley-style command lpq -Pqueuename. If you do not specify a queue name, the commands display information about all queues.

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How do I check my MQ status?

Use the MQSC DISPLAY CHSTATUS command to display the status of one or more channels. Use the MQSC DISPLAY CHSTATUS (MQTT) command to display the status of one or more IBM WebSphere MQ telemetry channels. Use the MQSC DISPLAY CLUSQMGR command to display cluster channel information for queue managers in a cluster.

How do I purge messages from the MQ queue?


  • In the Navigator view, click the Queues folder that contains the queue. The queue is displayed in the Content view.
  • In the Content view, right-click the queue, then click Clear Messages… …
  • Select the method to use to clear messages from the queue: …
  • Click Clear. …
  • Click Close to close the dialog box.
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    How do I delete a single message from the MQ queue?

    No, you cannot delete/clear a message from a queue without retrieving it. A QueueBrowser is used to browse messages in a queue. It does not delete/clear messages from a queue. Yes, you should be able to use a QueueBrowser for this.

    How does the MQ series work?

    The main use of IBM MQ is to send or exchange messages. One application puts a message in a queue on one computer and another application gets the same message from another queue on another computer. … Applications do not communicate with each other, unlike queue managers.

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    What is MQ Software?

    Message Queuing (MQ) software is used to enable process-related communication between computer systems. …Enterprises use message queuing software to coordinate distributed applications, simplify coding of disparate applications, improve performance, and automate communication-related tasks.

    What is a queue manager in IBM MQ?

    A queue manager is the part of a WebSphere MQ Series product that provides messaging and queuing services to application programs through Message Queue Interface (MQI) program calls. It controls access to queues and serves as the transaction coordinator (synchronization point) for all queue operations.

    How do I find my print queue in Unix?

    Use the qchk command to display current status information for print jobs, print queues, or specified users. Note The base operating system also supports the BSD UNIX check print queue (lpq) command and the System V UNIX check print queue (lpstat) command.

    How do I check my mail queue?

    Use the Queue Viewer to view message properties

  • In the Exchange Toolbox, in the Mail Flow Tools section, double-click Queue Viewer to open the tool in a new window.
  • In Queue Viewer, select the Messages tab to view the list of messages currently queued for delivery in your organization.
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    How to see pending jobs in Linux?

    To view pending At and Batch jobs, run the atq command. The atq command displays a list of pending jobs, with each job on a separate line. Each line follows the job number, date, time, job class, and username format. Users can only view their own work.

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    How to start an MQ chain?

    Use the MQSC START CHANNEL command to start a channel. Use the MQSC START CHANNEL command to start an IBM WebSphere MQ telemetry channel. Use the MQSC START CHINIT command to start a channel initiator.

    What is the Runmqsc command?

    Objective. Use the runmqsc command to issue MQSC commands to a queue manager. MQSC commands allow you to perform administrative tasks, such as defining, modifying, or deleting a local queue object. MQSC commands and their syntax are described in the MQSC reference.

    How do I find my channel name in MQ?

    The Inquire Channel Names (MQCMD_INQUIRE_CHANNEL_NAMES) command requests a list of WebSphere MQ channel names that match the generic channel name and optional channel type specified.

    You can specify one of the following:

  • empty (or omit the parameter altogether). …
  • a queue manager name. …
  • an asterisk
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