How to install Windows after installing Linux?

How to start Windows after installing Linux?

Carefully select the grub – Update grub bootloader option. It will automatically add an entry for Windows 7/8/10 to the boot menu. To restart, press Ctrl + Alt + Del . The system will restart and you will finally have the option to select Windows 10/8/7.

How to reinstall Windows after installing Ubuntu?

Restore / Reinstall Grub 2 with an Ubuntu Live Media

  • Now boot into an Ubuntu Live/USB or CD.
  • Open a terminal. (Ctrl+Alt+T)
  • Use a command like lsblk, blkid or GParted to identify your Linux root and boot partitions. …
  • Find Linux partitions. …
  • Set up a Chroot environment. …
  • Reinstall Grub.
  • Oct 11 2017 .

    Can’t boot Linux after installing Windows?

    Create a live Ubuntu USB or CD and boot it. After installation, open it by running startup repair and select the recommended repair, then follow the on-screen instructions. After the first boot, you may not see the Windows option. To do this, in the Ubuntu terminal, run sudo update-grub to add all the entries and you’re good to go.

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    How to install Windows 10 after Linux?

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  • Open GParted and resize your Linux partition(s) so that you have at least 20 GB of free space.
  • Boot to the Windows installation DVD/USB and select “Unallocated Space” to not overwrite your Linux partitions.
  • Finally, you need to boot to a Linux live DVD/USB to reinstall Grub (the bootloader) as explained here.
  • Can you install Windows after Ubuntu?

    It’s easy to install dual OS, but if you install Windows after Ubuntu, Grub will be affected. Grub is a boot loader for Linux based systems. … Make room for your Windows from Ubuntu. (Use ubuntu’s Disk Utility tools)

    Can you install Windows on Ubuntu?

    To install Windows with Ubuntu, follow these steps: Insert Windows 10 USB. Create a partition/volume on the drive to install Windows 10 with Ubuntu (this will create more than one partition, this is normal; also make sure you have space for Windows 10 on your drive, you may need to be reduce Ubuntu)

    Can I install Windows 10 with Ubuntu?

    If you want to install Windows 10 in Ubuntu, make sure the intended partition for Windows OS is the primary NTFS partition. You need to create it on Ubuntu, specifically for Windows installation purposes. To create the partition, use the gParted or Disk Utility command line tools.

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    How can I dual boot my PC?

    Dual boot Windows and other Windows: Shrink your current Windows partition from Windows and create a new partition for the other version of Windows. Boot into the other Windows installer and select the partition you created. Learn more about dual-booting two versions of Windows.

    Why won’t Ubuntu install on my computer?

    One of the most common problems with Ubuntu not starting occurs right after installation. This is because the Ubuntu boot disk (USB device or DVD) is set as the boot device. In short, Ubuntu won’t boot after installation because the disk is still present. So, eject the disc and make sure the correct boot device is selected.

    Can I install Linux on a Windows laptop?

    There are two ways to use Linux on a Windows computer. You can either install the full Linux operating system along with Windows, or if you are just getting started with Linux for the first time, the other easy option is to run Linux virtually by making any changes to your existing Windows setup.

    How to run Windows in Linux?

    Run Windows in a Virtual Machine

    Install Windows in a virtual machine program like VirtualBox, VMware Player, or KVM and you’ll have Windows running in a window. You can install Windows software in the virtual machine and run it on your Linux desktop.

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