How to know the caste category?

How to know your category?

Go to google and search for the National Commission for Backward Classes website and when you reach the home page of the website you will see the names of all the states in India. Now choose your current and condition and Check yours caste name i Category.

What is the caste category?

The caste the system divides Hindus into four main ones categories – Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas and Sudras. Many believe that groups descend from Brahma, the Hindu god of creation.

How do I know my Hindu caste?

The caste the system is Indian social and religious hierarchy formed several thousand years ago. Traditionally, a person caste is fixed after birth and direct them to it caste occupation. At the top there are brahmanas, priests and religious scholars.

Who comes from the OBC category?

Other Backward Class (OBC) is the collective term used by the GOI to classify educational or socially disadvantaged castes. It is one of several official classifications of the Indian population, along with the general class, planned castes and planned tribes (SC and ST).

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Which caste falls under the SC?

This is the Scheduled list caste in India.

Scheduled List Castes.

Official name as SC Dates Countries where they have SC status
Deha, dhaja, dhea 1950 designated Punjab (1950)
Dhanak 1950 designated Punjab (1950)
Dhogri, Dhangri, Siggi 1950 designated Punjab (1950)
Proud, Mahash, the Holocaust 1950 designated Punjab (1950)

Is OBC a restricted category?

Reservation is awarded primarily to 3 groups: Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Other Backward Classes abbreviated as SC, ST, OBC appropriately. Originally reservation it was only transferred to SC and ST, but was later extended to OBC in 1987 following the implementation of the Mandal Commission Report.

What is OBC cream layer?

The cream layer is a term used in Indian politics to refer to some members of the backward class who are highly advanced socially, economically, and educationally. They are the front section of this particular backward class – just like any other member of the advanced class.

Are OEC and OBC the same?

OEC (Other Eligible Communities)

According to GO (Ms) 10/2014 / BCDD of 23.05. 2014, 30 municipalities from the state OBC the list is selected for OEC educational aid subjected to a maximum of Rs.

What is SC ST and OBC?

Answer: Full form SC, ST and OBC are. SC – Scheduled castes. ST – Scheduled tribes. OBC – Other Backward Classes.

What is the lowest caste?

Dalit (Sanskrit: दलित, zlatyn .: dalit, meaning “broken / scattered”, in Hindi: दलित, zlatyn .: dalit, same meaning) is a name for people belonging to lowest caste in India, described as “untouchable”.

Which caste is general?

Forward caste (referred to as General Class/General Category / Open Category) is a term used in India to mean: caste whose members are economically and socially ahead of other Hindus.

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What is Article 342?

ARTICLE 342 specifies the specification of tribes or tribal communities or parts or groups within tribes or tribal communities which, for the purposes of the Constitution, are considered planned tribes for a given state or territory of the Union.

What is Article 352?

A state of emergency under Art. 352

Originally, a state of emergency could have been declared on the basis of “external aggression or war” and “internal unrest” throughout India or part of its territory under Art. 352.

What is Art. 244a?

The Twenty-second Amendment to the Indian Constitution, officially known as the Constitution (Twenty-second Amendment) Act of 1969, introduced a new article 244A into the constitution to authorize parliament to pass a law to establish an autonomous state in the state of Assam as well as provide the autonomous state with

Which article is about SC ST?

Piece. Article 46 of the Constitution states that the State with particular care supports the educational and economic interests of the weaker strata of society, in particular the decaying castes and decaying tribes, and protects them against social injustice and all forms of exploitation.

What is SC ST Act PDF?

some Work to prevent the commission of crimes or atrocities against members of certain castes and specific tribes, the provision of special courts for the trial of such crimes, and the assistance and rehabilitation of victims of such crimes and related or incidental cases thereto.

How much SC ST is in India?

Total number of children in India is 164.5 million, about 660 thousand. more than in 2001, the highest proportion of the urban population is in NCT Delhi (97.5%).

Stan / UT India@
Population 166 635 700
84 326 240
Proportions SC Population 16.2
Proportions ST Population 8.2

What is Article 342 India?

(1) The President may, with regard to any state or territory of the Union, and if it is a state, after consulting its governor, in a public notification, specify the tribes or tribal communities or parts or groups within tribes or tribal communities which, for the purposes of this Constitution

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What is India’s largest tribe?

Santhal it the biggest and one of the oldest tribes in IndiaThey spread throughout Assam, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Odisha, and West Bengal.

Which state in India has no established caste?

These statestogether with Andhra Pradesh Tamil Nadu, Maharastra, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka and Punjab form the group of “top ten” states in terms of large ones Scheduled caste population in the country. On Nagaland, Lakshdweep and the A&N islands, no planned caste will be notified.

When did the booking of SC ST in India start?

In 1935, the Parliament passed the Indian Government Act of 1935 to increase the autonomy of the Indian provinces and to establish a national federal structure. The reservation of seats for the Depressed Classes was incorporated into a law that entered into force in 1937.

Scheduled Castes and Planned Tribal Population

Scheduled Castes
The country with the highest percentage Scheduled Castes Punjab (28.9%)
The district with the highest percentage Planned Tribes Sarchhip, Mizoram (98.1%)
The district with the lowest percentage Planned Tribes Hathras, Uttar Pradesh (0.01%)

When did the caste system begin in India?

According to this theory, the caste system began with the arrival of the Aryans in India. The Aryans came in India around 1500 BC. The light-skinned Aryans have arrived India from southern Europe and northern Asia.

Which caste falls under the SC St. in Karnataka?

Dominant caste among the SCs are Adi Karnataka, Holeya, Chalavadi, Mahar, Mala, Madiga, Mang, Mochi, Adi Dravida, Samagara, Dhor, Banjara and Bhovi. The largest segment is Adi Karnataki (34.13%), followed by Banjaras (11.85%), Bhovis (10.04%) and Adi Dravidas (6.98%).