How to pronounce aussie

How to pronounce Aussie

Last updated: June 13, 2021 | Author: Mary Gossett

How do you pronounce Aussie?

What does Ozzy mean in Australian?


A ozzie is a person of Australian dismount A typical ozzie who still thinks adidas ‘button up’ pants are cool can’t dance and use pint instead of water.

Why are Australians called Aussie?

When Out of or aussiethe short form for a Australianpronounced for fun with a hiss at the end, it sounds like the word pronounced is spelled Oz. Thus Australia in colloquial language is referred to as Oz.

What does Aussie mean in Australia?

: a native or inhabitant of Australia.

Is aussie a bad word?

in the AustraliaNew Zealand, South Africa, Canada, the United Kingdom and Ireland Word is pronounced /ˈɒzi/, hence the alternative form Ozzie; However, in the United States it is most commonly pronounced /ˈɔːsi/ AW-see. pronounce the Word with an /s/ is considered a canonical American error by Australians.

Is Aussie a good brand?

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