How to pronounce dinah

How to pronounce Dina

Last updated: June 11, 2021 | Author: Corey Walker

How is Dinah pronounced in the Bible?

  • Phonetic spelling of dina. Di-nah. DIE-nope.
  • meanings for dina. A biblical character, a daughter of Jacob in the Old testament. in the Bible, dina is a daughter of Jacob.
  • Examples of in a sentence. The many dimensions of dina Jan: interview.
  • Translations of dina. Spanish: dina.
  • Is Dinah a black name?

    In 19th Century USA “dina‘ became generic Surname for an enslaved African woman. That name Dina was later used for dolls and other images of Black Women.

    What is the meaning of Dinah?

    dina is a Hebrew feminine given name meaning judged or confirmed.

    How do you spell Dina in French?

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