How to pronounce peloton (2022)

How to pronounce peloton (2022)

How to pronounce Peloton

Last updated: June 11, 2021 | Author: Mark Dent

How do you pronounce peloton bike?

What does peloton mean?

In French, “peloton‘ literally means ‘ball’ but is most commonly used to mean ‘group’. It is often used in a cycling context, just like in English, but can also refer to a group at a marathon or other sporting event.

How is a pronounced?

A becomes (ay) and an becomes (aan). And when we say the letter of the alphabet, we say Ay. What about? We don’t usually emphasize that either, but sometimes we can and then that pronunciation changes to (you).

How is Nathalie pronounced?

Wiki content for Natalie

Natalie Imbruglia Natalie Jane Imbruglia (im-BROO-lee-ə, Italian: [imˈbruʎʎa]; born 4 February 1975) is an Australian-British singer-songwriter, model and actress.

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