How to pronounce saleh

How to pronounce Saleh in English?

  • Phonetic spelling Saleh… SAA-Leh. s-ae-l-eh.
  • Meanings for Saleh. Pious, Righteous, Virtuous. Add signifying.
  • Examples in the sentence. Fighting the Coronavirus: Easa Saleh Al Gurg Group donates $ 13 million.
  • Translations SalehJapanese: Amoy
  • How do you pronounce the name Saleh?

    According to the 49ers website, it’s Robert Saleh (SAH-luh).

    What is the pronunciation of Ali Abdullah Saleh?

  • Phonetic spelling Ali Abdullah Saleh. ah-LEE uh-bd-uu-ll-ah s-yes-l-eh. Ali Abdullah Saleh.
  • Meanings for Ali Abdullah Saleh.
  • Examples in the sentence. Yemen: Former President Ali Abdullah Saleh killed in Sana’a by Houthi fighters. Add a sentence.
  • Translations Ali Abdullah Saleh. Russian: Ali Abdulli Saleha
  • How do you pronounce the name Nyah?

    How do you pronounce Amaris?

    Both A’s are pronounced like magic. “I” pronounced like a kiss.

    Speak the names.

    Pronunciation: Uh-mare (like a horse) -isss
    Denoting: “Promised by God” (Heb.)
    Additional information: This Greek origin “Amari” means “eternally beautiful”.

    How do you pronounce Yanai?

  • Phonetic spelling This is. This is. y-ah-ny.
  • Meanings for This is. A male Aramaic name which means “He will answer.” Add meaning.
  • Examples in the sentence. Founder of billionaire Uniqlo Tadashi This is he wants his successor to be a woman.
  • Translations This is. Arabic: Yanai
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