How to pronounce threshold (2022)

How to pronounce threshold (2022)

How to pronounce threshold

Last updated: June 9, 2021 | Author: Michelle Washington

How is the threshold pronounced?

What does threshold mean?

1: the board, stone or piece of wood that lies under a door: threshold. 2a : gate, door. b(1) : end, boundary, specifically: the end of a runway. (2) : the place or point of entry or beginning : beginning on threshold of a new age.

Do you pronounce the L calmly?

MW lists both pronunciations for balsam and Quietbut only the silence”l” Pronunciation for salmon. Other “l” word, solder, “a fusible metallic alloy used to join metal surfaces or parts”, is pronounced SOD-er in American English but SOLE-der in British English.

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