How to remove a comment on facebook

How to remove a comment on Facebook

Last updated: June 6, 2021 | Author: Clarence Gildersleeve

How do I remove a comment on a Facebook post?

Go to the offending comment and hover over it. Next to the commentyou will almost always see a small X. Click on the X and then Extinguish to Extinguish it from your post Office.

Can I delete a comment I made on someone else’s Facebook?

From the activity log

Look for the in the activity log comment you want to Clearclick the pencil icon to the right of that commentand click Extinguish.

How do you delete a comment?

If you want Clear a comment You left on the post, you can Extinguish it.

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  • On their Android Smartphone or tablet, open the Currents app .
  • Find the post you commented on and tap yours comment.
  • Beat Delete comment. In order.
  • Will anyone know if you delete their comment on Facebook?

    Extinguish that Facebook comment will delete it; nobody will can see it. The user will know that the negative comment has been deleted when they Go to view it again but you will not be notified it is deletion.

    Why can’t I delete comments on Facebook?

    This article has been viewed 344,831 times. You can remove posts and Remarks that you made Facebook with the mobile app. You can remove Remarks others have done what you have posted, but you cannot Delete comments they left posts that you didn’t create.

    How to delete old comments on Facebook?

    Go to Activity Log > Manage Activity and tap the popup that says Your posts. Once you see the list of your postsYou can choose any posts Would you like to archive or Clearand press that option accordingly.

    Can I delete everything on my Facebook?

    press the your facebook Information link under Security and Login and navigate to Delete yours Account and information link. Once you get there, you’ll be given the option to deactivate the account, which will allow you to either keep Messenger access or download it Your information or Extinguish Account.

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    How to Delete My Facebook Account 2020?

    Go to “Settings” by clicking on the tab in the drop-down menu in the upper right corner. Click on “Your Facebook Information.” From there, go to “Deactivation or Deletion”. Choose “Delete permanently your Account‘ and press Next.

    How can I delete all my Facebook comments?

    Does deleting Facebook delete all posts?

    Extinguish Your account will be removed Everyone your content Facebookincluding comments that you have written yourself posts or those from Other. Facebook say that afterwards Clear You cannot retrieve anything you have added to your account that no user can access any Data you have added to the website.

    How do I clear my entire activity log?

    Delete all activities

    on your computer, go to my above your activityclick Extinguish . click All Time. Extinguish.

    How do I clear my entire activity log on Facebook?

    to delete everything seeks:

  • Click on the top right Facebook.
  • Select Settings & privacy and then click activity log.
  • click logged Promotions and Miscellaneous activityunder activity types.
  • Click Search History.
  • Click top right Clear Search.
  • Does Google save deleted history?

    Google still will keep your “deleted” Information for audits and other internal purposes. However, it is not used for targeted ads or to customize your search results. According to your web story has been disabled for 18 months, the company will partially anonymize the data so that you will not be associated with it.

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    Can you erase the deleted history?

    Open Chrome on your computer. story. Check the next box to every article that she want to remove from your story. Click on the top right Extinguish.

    Will deleting my history delete everything?

    Delete your browsing history not Extinguish all traces of your online activity. When you have a Google account, it doesn’t just collect information your Search queries and sites you visit but also on that Videos you watch and even places you visit.

    How do you clear recent activity?

    on your android Smartphone or tablet, open the Google app. controls. On the “Web & App activityOn the map, tap AutoClear (Out of). If youClear (On)” Google automatically deletes your web app activitywhich includes your Search history after a certain period of time.

    How do I clear my history?

    Clear your history

  • on your On an Android phone or tablet, open the Chrome app .
  • Tap More in the top right. story.
  • Beat Clear browsing data.
  • Next to “Period”, choose how much story you want to Clear. to clear everything, tap All time.
  • Activate “Browse story.”
  • Beat Clear Data.