How to remove names from messenger

How to permanently remove someone from Messenger?

Why can’t I delete a contact from Messenger?

You I can not delete individual Communication in Messengerbut you can always block people Messenger. If you block someone, they won’t appear in your app. Remember your phone Communication will be imported again if you have continuous sync turned on.

How do I delete a Facebook chat list?

As I delete conversation on Facebook?

  • In the top right corner of yours Facebook account, click.
  • Click on the conversation you want delete.
  • On top chatClick here.
  • Click here Delete conversation, then click Delete Conversation.
  • When you remove someone from Messenger, does that person know?

    The removed message will be be replaced with text to alert all participants in the conversation that the message has been sent removed. You will have up to 10 minutes on to remove message after it has been sent. If you to want to remove message only for yourself, you I still can do at any time by selecting “To remove for You“.

    Does deleting a conversation on Messenger delete it for the other person?

    By “delete” in messenger removes message in your version of the thread, but not the recipient. So removal message or conversation will not be from your inbox delete it’s from yours friends in box. It’s not possible delete sent or received messages from friends in box.

    Can I delete a Messenger conversation for both sides?

    Down delete messages on Messenger With both sideshold the message, select “More …”, select “To remove“And touch” Undo Send “. When you tap “Undo Send”, the message will be deleted from yours side chat and recipient side chat. The “Send” option means: delete this messages With both sides.

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