How to reset clash of clans

Reset Clash of Clans

Last updated: June 11, 2021 | Author: Kurt Damiano

How do I start over in Clash of Clans?

How can I restart my Clash of Clans without resetting my IOS?

here are the Steps:

  • First things first: go to your device setting.
  • Then navigate to Installed Applications.
  • Find “clash of clans” in the List.
  • Now just click on “Clear data”.
  • Now open and enjoy reset to default version of clash of clans.
  • Can I delete Clash of Clans and start over?

    In short, yes it can be done but start again clash of clans seems to be against the spirit of how Supercell wants people to play the game. You may just have to persevere and rearrange your village for better results.

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    Can you open a new Clash of Clans account?

    Since there is no game data, you can start Above. This time You will to need to Register SuperCell ID with a different email address. If you have enough accounts already after you have clicked on “Sign in with SuperCell ID”, You will the full list of SuperCell ID’s that are displayed shehave created. Choose one from them and play.

    How to create a new Clash of Clans account 2020?

    How to create a new Clash of Clans account without deleting the old one?

    Yes you can. Clear data to switch accounts (Android) Open your app drawer and look for Settings. Add to New Google accounts (the other accounts you want to play on clash of clans). done once, do Don’t exit the settings yet.

    How many Clash of Clans accounts can I have?

    Like others to have said there is no limit and it is not against the ToS. i play 3 accounts on an Android device itself. You will, of course to need a separate google Account for each or a separate iTunes Account if your device is iOS.

    How can I have 2 Clash of Clans accounts on iOS?

    All you have to do is receive the app and open it. Tap the “+” icon, search COC and add it. now open clash of clans that you just added to Parallel Space, go to the game’s “Settings” and then log in to the second one Account you want to load. You now Have 2 COC accounts run at the same time.

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    How do I change my Clash of Clans account in 2021?

    through Change accounts in Clash of Clans on Androidwhat you need to do is disconnect Account currently connected to the game and log in to where your in-game progress resides to choose between Google Play, Facebook, or SuperCell ID sets.

    Can I log out of Clash of Clans?

    How to log out of Clash of Clans and reboot (clash of clans Tutorial) Open the game and enter settings. From Settings, tap Connected. Then select “log out“.

    How do I log into my old Clash of Clans account?

    Follow these steps:

  • open that clash of clans Application.
  • Go to the in-game settings.
  • Make sure you are connected to your Google+ Accountso yours old village becomes receive tied to it.
  • Press Help and Support.
  • Press Report a problem.
  • Press Other problem.
  • How can I recover my COC account via Facebook?

    Please follow these steps:

  • Open Clash.
  • Go to the game settings.
  • Make sure you are connected to a G+ Accountyour old village will be connected to it.
  • Press Help and Support, which you can find via the in-game settings menu.
  • Press Report a problem.
  • Press Other problem.
  • Can you be permanently banned from Clash of Clans?

    Originally Answered: Supercell forbidden my clash of clans Account permanent. As can I receive it back? You can Contact them via their email id, know the reasons for your account to forbidask them to review their decision and justify yourself if you think They have been wrong forbidden.

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    Does Clash of Clans delete inactive accounts?

    1 answer. No, nobody can report/request a Clear on their Account to the inactivity. Supercell doesn’t Clear your base or remove it. It will just sit and wait for the owner to start up again at some point.

    How can I recover my Clash of Clans account without Gmail?

    steps to recover COC village without a google account:

    After that, you will be taken to the main screen and then tap Sign In without supercell I WOULD. Now a new village will open and then tap Settings again. Tap the Help & Support tab. Now tap on the Account section and then select I lost my Account Possibility.

    Can I restore my old Clash of Clans account?

    clash of clans is a freemium mobile MMO strategy video game developed and published by Supercell. Do you have lost your village clash of clans? The longer you wait, the harder the recovery will be. But no worry; she can recover your old Clash of Clan account and village once you know how.

    Can I get a free COC account?

    If you want free clash of clans account with a good town hall now, you can get one. Free Clash Of Clans Accounts ( coc ) include all town halls from th4 to th11. It’s up to you to develop them and advance your career in the game.

    How do I get my old COC account back?


  • Open the clash of clans Application.
  • Go to the game settings.
  • Connect to a Google+ Account so you can link yours old Village.
  • Find the Help and Support tab in the Game settings menu.
  • Select Report a Output.
  • Select Other problem.