How to reset vyve router (2022)

How to reset vyve router (2022)

How do I access my VYVE router?

In your web browser (such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Firefox), go to to access wireless router adjust. A login screen will appear. The default username is administrator, and the default password is password (all in lower case).

How do I reset my internet router?

Turn off yours router or modem from its socket (don’t just turn it off). Wait 15-20 seconds, then turn it on again. Allow the device to turn on again for a minute or two.

Why does my VYVE internet not work?

If yours Internet the service is did not work as expected, make sure your modem is turned on and off, and that on The power light is on continuously. Make sure your coaxial cable is secure connected to on coaxial cable port included on the back of your modem and that on the cable is no pinched or damaged.

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How do I reset my VYVE WiFI password?

Find yours Vive

I’m coming in Forgotten password? Enter the username or email you used in your account. A reset password the link will be emailed to you.

How fast is VYVE Internet?

Vive The concert service is provided by the nation fastest speedsup to 960Mbps, next to the forest gate.

Where is VYVE available?

Your best chance to find Vive Broadband is in Oklahoma, their largest coverage area. You can also find Vive Broadband in Wyoming, Kansas, Arkansas and more.

What kind of internet is VYVE?

Vive Broadband coverage Kinds

With cable Internet Connection, Vive Broadband uses the same cables as your TV service to reach your home. Cable Internet is widely available throughout the country and offers improved speed.

How good is VYVE Internet?

Vyve broadband has 2.0 stars.

How do I get my VYVE account number?

You will need yours Vyve account numberlocated in your monthly statement, and the postal code of the billing address.

Why is VYVE so slow?

My internet service is slow. If your internet connection is slow, check how many devices are connected to your modem. If you have too many devices that use the internet at the same time, this can slow speed reduction for each device. Turn off or turn off devices that are not currently in use.

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Is there an application for VYVE?

I’m watching. Visit or download your favorite network applications in ap Store or Google Play and log in with your WatchTVeverywhere username and password!

What VYVE 105?

Vive Broadband continues to add to its business customer service offerings, now offering a free WiFi access point for customers who sign up for 105 Mbps service. Having fast, free WiFi not only improves the customer experience during a customer visit, but also the likelihood of re-traffic.

What type of modem does VYVE use?

on Vyve network used the DOCSIS technology standard for exchanging Internet data with its customers. Vive currently recommended use at least with DOCSIS 3.0 certificate modem. Use of non-compliant modem may interrupt the service in the event of network updates.

What does Mbps mean?

The acronym Mbps means “megabits per secondThis is a measure of the internet bandwidth.

How do I cancel VYVE?

Termination by you.

time by notifying the Company in one of three ways: (1) send a written notice to the postal address in your invoice statement; (2) send an email notification to the email address provided in your billing statement; or (3) call Customer Service at 1-855-FOR-VYVE during normal business hours.

Is there a data limit for VYVE?

People who watched Vive Broadband is also seen:

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HughesNet (855) 910-6892 Unlimited Data – Without difficulty data restrictions if you use data in your plan the speeds will decrease.

Did VYVE buy Northland Cable?

Mega Broadband Investments, LLC announced today that it will consolidate its portfolio of rural broadband companies, Eagle Broadband, Vive Broadband and Northland Communications under Vive(R) Broadband name starting in spring 2020

Is the VYVE cable disconnected?

ATTENTION: Vyve break has been cleared and services restored. Thank you for your patience and loyalty. ATTENTION: We are currently testing a service interruption and our engineers are working hard to restore the service.

How do I set up my VYVE remote?

Press and hold I ADJUST button while the LED at the top of the remotely flashes red twice. Release I ADJUST button and quickly enter the 4-digit TV code for your TV brand as located in your remotely Instructions for use. Press the power button on your TV remotely. If the pairing was successful, your TV will turn off.

Is VYVE customer service 24 hours a day?

We take service seriously.

So serious that you can contact our CEO for an answer inside 24 hours: [email protected].

How do I pay my VYVE bill online?

On Vive The Broadband Account Portal page, click Make A Payment in payments section at the bottom of the screen. Click on the amount you want pay from the options shown or click the Other amount box goes here and enter the desired amount.