How to rotate an image or photo in OpenOffice Writer

Updated 8/31/2020 from

When you insert an image or photo into an OpenOffice Writer document, your only option is to flip that image horizontally or vertically. In OpenOffice Writer there is no option to rotate the image in a document.

If you need to rotate an image 90 degrees, we recommend using an image editor. Then save the image to overwrite it with the new rotation. Or save the rotated image to a new file.


We do not recommend using OpenOffice Draw to rotate an image. Instead, use another image editor that can edit image files. Even MSPaint in Windows is a better option.

Why does the image look correct but not rotate when pasted?

Unfortunately, OpenOffice Writer cannot recognize all forms of rotation or orientation. The rotated image may look fine when viewed elsewhere (e.g. in Windows Explorer), but when pasted into a Writer document it may appear rotated. To fix this, open the image in an image editor, rotate it, and save it to a new file. Once saved, it is correct when pasted into a document.

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