How to spell a bathroom

Can you spell the word bathroom?

Normal spelling for the English wordbathroom” is [bˈaθɹuːm], [bˈaθɹuːm], [b_ˈa_θ_ɹ_uː_m] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

What is the right bathroom or toilet?

Various dialects use “bathroom” and “toilet“(American English),”bathroom“(Usually includes a bath or shower) and”washroom” (just toilet and a sink) (Canadian English) and “WC” (initialism from “WC”), “toilet“And its abbreviation” lavvy “(British English).

How do you spell bathroom in English?


  • a room (as in a residence) containing a bath or shower and usually a wash basin i toilet.
  • a room or building with one or more toilets.
  • Why is the toilet called a toilet?

    Toilet. Despite being a very British word for toilettoilet‘comes from the French expression’ guardez l’eau ‘which means’ watch out for water’. It happened over time toilet and has been applied to toilet itself.

    What is the name of the women’s toilet?

    AND woman a urinal is a urinal intended for woman anatomy that allows ease of use by women and girls. Different models allow you to urinate in a standing, half-body or squat position, but usually without direct body contact toilet.

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    Is Dunny a rude word?

    The wordDunny“Is Australian dialect to a toilet or an outhouse. Technically “Dunny” is not rude word but on average, few people say that word dunny.

    Is a dummy a bad word for a toilet?

    Dunny can now be used for anything toilet. The word comes from the British dialect of dunnekin meaning “earthen closet, (outside) outhouse” from dung + ken “house”.

    Is Dag a bad word?

    Day is Australian and New Zealand slang deadline, also daggy (adjective). In Australia, it is often used as an affectionate insult to someone who is or is perceived as unfashionable, devoid of self-awareness of his appearance and / or weak social skills but polite and fun.