How to spell equator (2022)

How to spell equator (2022)

How to spell equator

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Is the equator capitalized in a sentence?

It is possible to capitalize a whole word or sentence to emphasize it: Here the words equator, North Pole, and Universe do not need capital letters because, strictly speaking, they are not proper names. Some people choose to benefit you anyway; this is not wrong, but it is not recommended.

What do you mean by equatorial?

1a : of, pertaining to, or located at equator or a equator also : to be in the plane of equator a satellite in equatorial Orbit. b : from, from, or suggests the region around the geographic region equator.

What is equator in simple terms?

A equator is an imaginary line drawn around the center of a planet or other celestial body. It is halfway between the North Pole and the South Pole, at 0 degrees latitude. A equator divides the planet into a northern and a southern hemisphere.

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What is equator in a sentence?

1 : the great circle of the celestial sphere, whose plane is perpendicular to the earth’s axis. 2 : a great circle of the earth a Celestial body that is everywhere equidistant from the two poles and divides the earth’s surface into the northern and southern hemispheres.

What is a good phrase for equator?

equator set example. The thermal equator, or line of maximum mean surface temperature, begins at about 5°N on the African coast. Of the latitudes, only the equator is a great circle. Crossing the equator at 13 6° W.

What is a good phrase for equator?

(1) Singapore is/is on the equator. (2) Rainforests occur around the equator. (4) The equator surrounds the Earth. (5) Singapore is close to the equator.

Is the equator hot or cold?

Places near Earth equator (like Ecuador and Singapore) are warmwhile places near the poles (like Antarctica and Greenland) are cold. why is this true In the equator, the sun’s light hits the earth almost directly (at a steep angle). If you at equator At noon the sun would be almost directly overhead.

How many countries are on the equator?

That equator goes through 13 Countries: Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Sao Tome & Principe, Gabon, Republic of the Congo, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Uganda, Kenya, Somalia, Maldives, Indonesia and Kiribati.

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What is the hottest country in the world?

Burkina Faso, a landlocked country in the Sahel countryis the hottest country in the world with an average daily temperature of 29 °C.

Which city is closest to the equator?

Quito is the the next capital city city to the equator.

Can you live on the equator?

if you live on the equator you experience the world’s fastest sunrise and sunset rates in just minutes. These places also have constant twelve hours day and night throughout the year while north or south of the equator Day length varies increasingly with the seasons.

Does the equator have 2 summers?

we Have 2 summers and two winter and 2 spring and autumn too. The different distance between the sun and the earth does not cause the seasons. They are caused by the tilt of the earth towards the sun Summer and keep out of the sun in winter.

Why do people live on the equator?

Scientists say countries closer to the equator have many other reasons to be happy. she Suppose the region lies on the western side of the subtropical anticyclones and therefore receives warm and humid air from the Atlantic. Therefore, the areas bordering the tropics in Brazil are extremely fertile for agriculture.

Is the equator the hottest place on earth?

So the concept that the hottest place on earth is around the equator and the coolest is wrong at the poles. It is hotter in the desert than in the surrounding area equator because the weather in the desert is very dry, so if the temperature rises and it doesn’t rain, the temperature will rise even higher.

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How hot is it at the equator?

Average annual temperatures in equatorial The lowlands have about 31 °C (88 °F) in the afternoon and 23 °C (73 °F) at sunrise. Away from the upwelling zones of cold ocean currents, precipitation is very high, from 2,500 to 3,500 mm (100 to 140 in) per year.

What happens when you cross the equator?

It was a way for seafarers to test their seaworthiness. When a ship crosses equatorKing Neptune comes aboard to exercise authority over his domain and judge the charges brought against Pollywogs you only posing as sailors and have not paid due homage to the god of the sea.

Why does the air crossing the equator turn to the right?

answer the Air that rises at the equator does do not flow directly to the poles. Due to the Earth’s rotation and the Coriolis force Air gets distracted on the To the right on the northern hemisphere.

Has anyone been to the equator?


In 2006 Reve went on a trip around the world, take a spherical look at it by following the equator. The idea was relatively simple – follow this imaginary line at latitude zero, the center of the world, the boundary between the northern and southern hemispheres, and make a complete loop.