How to spell lenient (2022)

How to spell lenient (2022)

What does condescending mean?

1: with a light and tolerant disposition or effect: not rough, heavy or strict condescending laws a condescending behavior. 2: exerting a calming or relieving effect: relieving pain or stress.

What is a condescending person?

Indulgent means permission or showing mercy, unlike strict or raw. When you are condescending with someone, you treat him easily. The word sometimes suggests that you may be going too easily and need to be more strict. The word can be used to describe a faceaction or policy.

What does a condescending look mean?

If you are not too strictand you show tolerance and mercy when someone right something is wrong, you pretend condescending. Indulgent means tolerant or calm and is usually used when talking about someone’s attitude towards discipline.

What is the noun form of condescending?

indulgence. (innumerable) Indulgence: mercy or forgiveness in sentencing. (listed) A indulgence: specific action or case of indulgence.

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What is a soft punishment?

The definition of condescending is someone who is not strict or a punishment it’s not hard. An example of something that would be described as condescending is a prison sentence from one day for armed robbery. Not harsh or harsh in disciplining, punishment, judge, etc .; light; merciful; Clement.

How would you define the condescending teacher?

IN condescending teacher are teachers who are quite relaxed for homework or other assignments in class. This encourages participation and activity, which is not usually strictly observed teacherCondescending teachers create a different learning environment: a calmer, calmer environment.

What is the meaning of a condescending parent?

1. Tends not to be harsh or strict; merciful or condescending: condescending parents. 2. Not harsh or strict; merciful or generous: condescending rules.

What does it mean to be lenient in judging others?

indulgence – tendency to give in to the desires of someone; “Too much condescension spoils a child” condescension, condescension. permissiveness, tolerance – a tendency to allow freedom of choice and behavior. softness – attitude to be condescending in judging others; “Softness is not something that is allowed to good leaders” 3.