How to spell throat

How to spell throat

Last updated: June 9, 2021 | Author: Kurt Damiano

What does throat mean?

1: The passage through the throat from the mouth to the stomach and lungs is a wound throat. 2 : the front part of the neck on the outside. throat. Noun.

How do you spell throat in English?

What is the spelling of Trought?

Noun. a long, narrow, open container, usually box-shaped, used primarily to hold water or fodder for animals. one of several similarly shaped containers used for various commercial or household purposes. a channel or pipe for carrying water, used as a gutter under the eaves of a building to drain rainwater.

Is throte a word?

throat (thrōt), n. [Anat., Zool.] Anatomy, zoology of the transition from the mouth to the stomach or lungs, including the pharynx, esophagus, larynx and trachea.

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