How to store christmas lights

How to store Christmas lights

Last updated: June 12, 2021 | Author: Kurt Damiano

What is the best way to store Christmas lights?

Unroll a length of plastic wrap equal to that of the skein lighting and cut the plastic wrap from the roll. location Place the skein on top of the plastic wrap and roll the plastic wrap and skein together lighting together. this will to keep the icicle Tangle the strands and bundle everything neatly in plastic wrap.

How do you store Christmas lights without them getting tangled?

3 ways to Store Christmas lights like this the they don’t get tangled

  • hanger. Emily Slawek. Anchor one end of the lighting on the tiny hook (used for small straps).
  • wrapping paper roll. Emily Slawek.
  • piece of cardboard. Emily Slawek. Save some of those shipping boxes piling up on your doorstep this month give them a second life.
  • How to pack Christmas tree lights for storage?

    Twist and tie

    A spare seat! Start by turning a stool or chair upside down. Then, wrap the lighting in a figure eight pattern around two of the legs until you have about 12 inches of cord left.

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