How to travel from tallinn to st petersburg

How to travel from tallinn to st petersburg

Last updated: June 5, 2021 | Author: Clarence Gildersleeve

How to get from Tallinn to Saint Petersburg?

Travel overnight in one bus

The usual way to travel to Tallinn is over bus. This is where most locals travel to St. Petersburg, as it is inexpensive and convenient. The trip takes seven hours and can be done overnight, which would also save on the cost of a hotel room.

Is there a train from Tallinn to Saint Petersburg?

That Tallinn st. Petersburg Moscow route offers a direct train service off Tallinn to Saint Petersburg. This trip is definitely a more interesting experience than getting it bus to Russia, that’s for sure. The journey time is approximately 7.5 hours, although delays may occur.

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How long does the ferry from Tallinn to Saint Petersburg take?

That St Petersburg Tallinn Ferry Route connects Russia with Estonia. Currently there is only 1 ferry company that operates it ferry Service, st peter line The crossing operates up to 2 times per week with a crossing duration of around 14 hours.

How long is the train journey from Saint Petersburg to Tallinn?

That Train from Saint Petersburg to Tallinn operates daily and departs from Moskovskiy train station in Saint Petersburg and arrival at the main station in Tallinn. The distance between the cities is about 342 km (212 miles). train Ride usually takes about 7.5 hours.

Is Tallinn worth a trip?

simply put, Tallinn’s Old town is quite spectacular. With its monumental walls, towers, traditional buildings and the like, it has to be one of the best old towns in Northern Europe. Likewise worth a visit for its architecture, the Rotermannviertel is to be found on the other side Tallinn’s Old Town.

What is the best time of year to travel to Saint Petersburg?

That best time to visit st. Petersburg is from March to May when the weather is pleasantly hot and a plethora of outdoor events dot the city Come alive. You’ll find cheaper room rates June through November, but the threat of hurricanes is imminent and the weather can often be scorching.

How many days do you need in St. Petersburg Russia?

As Many days Should I spend St. Petersburg? Three days is a must as it is much to do and see. The best way to measure your stay is how much Time it takes to complete all important pages. A 4-day itinerary allows you to do a day trip to Catherine Palace or Peterhof Grand Palace.

Do they speak English in St. Petersburg?

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Petersburg Language. Russian is the official language of st. Petersburgbut English is widespread spoken. The Russian language uses the Cyrillic alphabet, but many signs in tourist areas contain both Russian and English.

Is it raining a lot in Saint Petersburg?

Petersburg gets an average of 102 days per year of some kind of precipitation. precipitation is RainSnow, sleet or hail falling on the ground.

climate averages.

st. PetersburgFlorida United States
rainfall 50.7 inches 38.1 inches
snowfall 0.0 in 27.8 inches
precipitation 101.8 days 106.2 days
Sunny 248 days 205 days

What is the coldest month in Saint Petersburg?

Climate Saint Petersburg (European Russia)

Month (°C) Mean (°C)
January -8th -5.5
February -8th -5.8
march -4 -1.1
April 2 5.4

What is the coldest month in St. Petersburg, Florida?

The hottest day of the year is July 23, with an average high and low of 29°C. The cool season lasts for 2.8 months, from December 7 to March 1, with an average daily high temperature below 23°C. That the coldest Day of the year is January 18 with an average low temperature of 56°F and a high temperature of 29°F.

What is the warmest month in Saint Petersburg Russia?

Russiaannual weather averages

July is the hottest month in St. Petersburg with an average temperature of 18°C ​​(64°F) and the coldest is January at -5.5°C (22°F) with most daily hours of sunshine around 9 in July.

Is Saint Petersburg safe?

TAMPA (WFLA) A study found st. Petersburg least among the 15 secure Cities in America in 2019 even more dangerous than Chicago. According to WalletHub, their study compared more than 182 cities based on 41 indicators security. The dataset ranges from assaults per capita, unemployment rate, road quality and more.

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What time of year is the best to visit Russia?

That best time to visit Russia is during their summer, between June and August. Evenings are long and bright while temperatures are a balmy 68°F-77°F. It’s her too best time to to travel on the Trans-Siberian Railway to Mongolia.

Is Saint Petersburg colder than Moscow?

At absolute temperatures Moscow is easy colder in the winter as St. Petersburgbut because st. Petersburg ia located on a sea coast, they have so much wind that you feel colder than it’s really.

What is the most beautiful part of Russia?

8th Preferably Places to visit in Russia

  • Moscow.
  • st
  • Kizhi Island.
  • Vladivostok.
  • Irkutsk and Lake Baikal.
  • Kazan.
  • The golden ring.
  • Sochi.

What is the snowiest city in Russia?


rank city Average winter temperature (°C)
1 Moscow −13.0
2 St. Petersburg −10.0
3 Novosibirsk −20.0
4 Nizhny Novgorod −15.0

Is Saint Petersburg cheap?

From the western point of view, Saint Petersburg is not an expensive city at all. Accommodation and restaurants are particularly noteworthy cheaper. Also entertainment in general is not very cheap in Saint Petersburg. So on average Saint Petersburg is cheaper than most western cities.

What can’t I miss in Saint Petersburg?

Preferably things to do in st. Petersburg

  • #1. Hermitage Museum and the Winter Palace. Hermitage Museum and the Winter Palace.
  • #2. Church of the Redeemer on Church of the Resurrection. Church of the Redeemer on Church of the Resurrection.
  • #3. st. Isaac’s Cathedral.
  • #4. Peter and Paul Fortress.
  • #5. Catherine Palace and Park.
  • #6. Peterhof Palace & Garden.
  • #7. Russian Museum.
  • #8th. Fabergé Museum.

Why is Saint Petersburg so expensive?

“Simple supply and demand is the main undercurrent for why homes say St. Petersburg are generally 10%-20% expensive than the same house in Tampa.”