How to use email signatures in Outlook for Mac

How to use email signatures in Outlook for Mac

Outlook for Mac lets you create and use multiple email signatures, and you can choose the default email signature you want to use for each account you set up in Outlook.

The instructions in this article apply to Outlook for Mac.

Create an email signature in Outlook for Mac

Setting up a signature is as easy as setting up multiple signatures in Outlook for Mac, and you can set specific defaults for specific email accounts.

  • Choose outlook > settings. The Outlook Settings window opens.

  • Choose signatures. The signature dialog opens.

  • Choose under the signature list. A new signature line appears in the list of signature names.

  • Enter a name for the new signature and enter the desired text of your signature below signature.

  • Select the options you want to use Choose the default signature Section. For example, to use this signature for all newly created messages, select the signature name in the new posts Listing.

  • Close the dialog when finished.

  • Rename email signature

    To name your new signature:

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  • From the list of signatures, select the name of the signature that you want to edit.

    If the signature name isn’t editable, select it again. Be sure to select the signature name and no space next to it.

  • Enter a new name for the signature.

  • To press Enter.

  • Set the default signature in Outlook for Mac

    To choose the signature that’s included by default in new messages and replies you compose in Outlook for Mac:

  • Choose outlook > settings.

  • Choose signatures.

  • For each email account whose default signatures you want to change:

    • Under Select the account you want Account in which Choose the default signature Section.
    • Below select the signature you want to include in new emails new posts.
    • Choose the signature you want to automatically use in replies and when sending as Replies/Transfers.
    • Choose none for no default signature if you don’t want a signature for replies. You can always insert one manually when composing a message.
  • close signatures the settings window.

  • Choose default signatures in Outlook for Mac 2011

    To make your new signature the default for new messages in Outlook for Mac 2011:

  • Choose standard signatures.

  • Select the new signature below default signature for all desired accounts.

  • Choose OK.

  • Add a signature to an email in Outlook for Mac

    To use any signature you’ve defined in a message or change the signature used in Outlook for Mac:

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  • Choose news in the title bar of the message.

  • Click on signature and select the signature you want to insert.

  • As an alternative to the message toolbar, select Project > signatures from the menu, and then select the signature you want.