How to view document pages side by side in Microsoft Word.

Updated 4/30/2020 from

To view two consecutive pages of a document side-by-side in Microsoft Word or view the pages like in a book, follow the steps below. These instructions apply to versions of Microsoft Word 2016 and later.

Show pages side by side

  • Open the Word document.
  • In which RibbonClick the button See Tab.
  • On the View tab in the Page Shift, click the button side by side Possibility.
  • Word

    You can now view and edit two consecutive pages of a document side by side. To scroll through the pages you can use either the mouse wheel or the scroll bar at the bottom of the screen. when you are in side by side the pages are scrolled from right to left, like turning the pages of a book.

    To exit this mode, select Vertical in step three above, which takes you back to Word’s traditional single-page view.

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