How to write an age in the style of ap

Are you talking about the style of AP Ages?

AP style keeps it when you appeal age you should always use numbers. For example, an employee is 30 years old. My brother is 25 years old.

How do you write age?

Summary. In conclusion, you divide the terms and age when it is a noun or when it is a modifier that comes before the noun. The main point where you do not hyphenate and age is when it comes after the noun it modifies. Eternity they are like any other compound modifier: you concatenate them before the noun but not after the noun.

How do you write a 5-year-old?

In sentence 2, the phrase “bakeyearold“Is used as the single descriptor of the noun” boy “. None of the words in this sentence will work by itself; that is, it is not “bake boy”year boy “or”old boy. “We have to collect all these words into one adjective with a separate meaning

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How do you write at 20?

Without an apostrophe. The same rule applies when you mean a decade, say, 1920. It’s perfectly fine to put the letter after the number without an apostrophe. However, if you decide to discard 19 of the 1920put an apostrophe to show that something is missing:20s.

Is he 20 or 20?

a decade (= ten-year period) between twenty and 29 in any century, usually 1920-1929 or 2020-2029: Born on twenties.

Are the twenties grammatically correct?

Although decades were written with an apostrophe ( 1920), Nowadays normal the practice is to omit the apostrophe: 1920. 3. The same rule applies to most plural abbreviations that include apostrophes: CDs, DVDs, TVs, URLs.

How do you spell the Roaring Twenties?

plural noun

this 1920 considered a turbulent era of prosperity, fast cars, jazz, pubs and wild youth.

How do you say like in the twenties?

How do you write the 1960s?

Referring to the decades, sixties or 1960 is generally preferred (not the 1960s, ‘60s60’s or 60s; the last form is used sporadically for ages of people).

How do you write the 1950s and 1960s?

There is no requirement to put an apostrophe before “S” in decade names such as 50 and 60as there are no missed letters, although adding one is also acceptable. The term may be written “”50s“Because” 19 “is omitted, but”50s“Is fine too.

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How do you write 1960s decades?

For example, writing “this 1960ā€¯Referring to the whole thing decade is incorrect; instead you should write “this 1960“. The same principle applies to the plural of any other type of number, such as someone’s age (e.g., “customers over 80”), and is further discussed in section 4.38 on page 114.

What were the trends in the 1960s?

Ponchos, moccasins, love beads, peace signs, medallion necklaces, chains, polka dot fabrics and long puff sleeves they were popular fashion in the late 1960. Both men and women wore frayed jeans with bells, dyed shirts, work shirts, Jesus sandals, and headbands.

What food was popular in 1962?

1962 – Chicken Hunter

Braised meals were popular in the 1960s, and the people of 1962 it was about the chicken cacciatore. Usually served with noodles, cacciatore chicken is prepared from stewed chicken stewed in boiled canned tomatoes, broth, white wine, peppers, onions, and capers.

What was the most popular food in 1964?

1964: Pineapple cake upside down

Dating back to a culinary competition conducted by Dole in 1926, the retro-classic inverted pineapple cake has stood the test of time, but it was especially common in the mid-1960s

What dishes were popular in 1967?

Chips were popular In the sixties.

Buffet or cocktail

  • cheese and pineapple on sticks.
  • cheese and olives on sticks.
  • cocktail sausages on sticks (you can use vegetarian / quorn cocktail sausages)
  • cheese and walnuts on sticks.
  • prawns on sticks.

What food was popular in 1969?

Popular products in 1969 these included Green Giant Frozen Peas, Frozen Bread Cake, Frozen Cake Skins, Chiffon Margarine, Seven Seas Salad Dressing, and Spaghetti-O and Shake n ‘Bake (both introduced in 1965).

What did the hippies eat in the 1960s?

The kitchen she took away at the end of the counterculture 1960and then helped bring it to the mainstream in the 1970s, including whole grains and legumes; organic, fresh vegetables; soy products such as tofu and tempeh; nutritional enhancers such as wheat germ and germinated grains; and flavors from Eastern Europe, Asia and

Do the hippies eat?

But what did this hippies really eat? Like any other group, some of them lived on processed fast food, at least for a while. But for those who care about their diet, brown rice was a hot commodity, no matter how it was served.

Do hippies eat meat?

Not. However, they have not been since the 1960s. hippies they find ways to become more politically active and truly believe in the things they are fighting for. Animals and animal rights there has been a great fight over the years, maybe that’s why so many “hippies“Are vegetarians.

What is hippie food?

The cuisine that counterculture developed in the late 1960s and then helped mainstream into the 1970s, including whole grains and legumes; organic, fresh vegetables; soy food like tofu and tempeh; nutritional enhancers such as wheat germ and germinated grains; and flavors from Eastern Europe, Asia and