How to write apo address

How to write an apo address?

Last updated: June 13, 2021 | Author: Corey Walker

Which country is APO AE?

Overseas military addresses must include these apo or FPO Designation together with a two-letter “state” abbreviation of AEAP or AA and the zip code or the zip code +4. AE used for armed forces in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Canada; AP is for the Pacific; and AA is America without Canada.

How does an APO address work?

Military addresses must include grade, full name with middle name or initials, and PSC number, unit number, or ship name. Replace the city name with “apo ‘ or ‘FPO’ and the state with ‘AA’, ‘AE’ or ‘AP’ and use a special zip code. All apo / FPO shipments must be made through the United States Post Office (USPS).

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Is Apo a state or a city?

US military bases abroad are considered domestic (US) shipments. This means you must select United conditions as shipping address country. Don’t pick them country where the base is located. That city should be “apo‘ or ‘FPO’ for a properly formatted one apo FPO address.

Where is APO AP?

apo stands for “Army Post Office” and AP stands for “Forces Pacific”. So the recipient is stationed either on the west coast of the USA, somewhere in the Pacific Ocean or in Asia. A quick check of your specific zip code shows the following: Anderson Air Base, Agana, Guam.

How to ship to APO address?

Mail addressed to family members must contain the following:

“UNIT”, “CMR” or “PSC” and number; and box number assigned. apo or FPO (“City”) designation and the corresponding two letters AA, AEor AP (“State”) abbreviation followed by the ZIP Code™ or ZIP+4® code number.

What is APOAE?

apo, AE stands for Army Post Office, Allied Europe. The address designation is a holdover from World War II, which they haven’t changed since. There are also apoAP and apoAA standing for Allied Pacific or Allied Africa/Americas.

Where is APO AE 09898 located?

Enter a city and state to find it postal code(s) for it location. Locate the details of any North American area code. Find the details of any area code and area code.

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postal code Details.

postal code: 09898
City alias(es): apo
Phone prefix: 000
City Type: X [APO/FPO Military]
Classification: M [APO/FPO Military]

Does Amazon ship to APO AE?

Most items can Shipping to APO, FPOand DSB addresses, except: cell phones and service. computers. Standalone Lithium Batteries.

Which country is APO AE 09096?

ZIP code 5: 09096 apo, AE (Armed Forces) | United States ZIP Code 5 plus 4 ✉️

Which country is APO AE 09459?

This is the zip code of the Armed Forces – Europe, Africa, Canada 09459 page list. The details State, County, City, Longitude, Latitude, Envelope example, Population are as follows.

ZIP type ? :

ZIP code 5 plus 4 address
09459-0010 901 PSC 37, apo, AE

Which country is APO AE 09464?

This is the zip code of the Armed Forces – Europe, Africa, Canada 09464 page list. The details State, County, City, Longitude, Latitude, Envelope example, Population are as follows.

ZIP type ? :

ZIP code 5 plus 4 address
09464-0010 901 PSC 41, apo, AE

Which country is APO AE 09853?

Zip code details

Postal code: 09853
City: apo
Federal State: AE [Armed Forces Europe]
Multi County: no

Which country is APO AE 09357?

These are the armed forces – Europe, Africa, Canada ZIP Code 09357 page list.

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What does the APO address stand for?

APO stands for Army Post Office and is affiliated with Army or Air Force facilities. FPO stands for Fleet Post Office and is associated with Navy facilities and ships.

How do I fill out the APO address form?

Just to fill in whatever your service member gives you. This should include the 5 or 9 digit number at the end of the address (military ZIP Codes usually start with 0 or 9) in the ZIP Code field. In the “City” field you should Enter one of apo/FPO/DPO- depending on what your service representative gave you.

Can I ship a cell phone to an APO address?

Currently, US customers are not permitted to use international and apo, FPODPO post contain lithium batteries to contract Post- units, commercial post Receiving Agents or Approved USPS Shippers. For more information, click

How long does it take for a letter to arrive at an APO address?

post addressed to most apo/FPO Destinations can be combined with delivery confirmation (tracking), either at the local post office or online at Click-n-Ship. Typical military post can be delivered between seven and ten days depending on the country of destination. priority post packages become take 10 to 15 days.

Where is APO 96266?

96266 Basic Information

Federal State district zip code 5
AP Forces Pacific All other areas and abroad 96266