IKEA hallway: 5 best solutions in the world

What are the best IKEA entryway solutions? What ideas can we adapt to this room at home to make it even more comfortable and functional? Let’s learn some useful tips together.

IKEA hallway: 5 solutions, ideas and tips

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whether fully dedicated area or converted space from the living room or kitchen, entrance to the house took over time an increasingly important role. In fact, there are several consumers who they decided to create a special corner dedicate yourself solely to changing your shoes or even just getting some extra support before leaving the house.

Everyone likes IKEA and creates different solutions make this space in the house even more practical and functional. Exactly because of this reason proposed several ideas for benches from the Swedish furniture giant. Ideal for accommodating heavy envelopes as soon as you enter but also to make changing shoes more practicalthese elements are suitable for different types of furniture.

In full accordance with the IKEA philosophy, I there are several multifunctional or adaptable solutions what we can find. Even elements that were not foreseen, just like the entrance bench, they can really find a place in this environment. In this article we have collected various furniture solutions and some tips on how to adapt these accessories to our environment.

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IKEA hallway: 5 solutions, ideas and tips

1. Callax is an evergreen plant.

IKEA hallway: 5 solutions, ideas and tips

Whatever the problem Callax IKEA solves it, even when it comes to finding a bench to enter the house. There great versatility this piece of furniture makes it meideal for placement in both small and large areas.

Offered by IKEA from 35 €this shelf can be placed horizontally and placed directly on the ground become a practical bench with storage space. In fact, we can choose adapt drawer or door and whether to put our shoes inside.

To make it even more special and suitable for the use we want, we can conformity to Callax cushion that takes up the entire seat and make this element even more convenient.

2. Perjohan bench with container

IKEA hallway: 5 solutions, ideas and tips

Whether it’s bags or shoes, at the entrance a bench with storage space is definitely not missing. Just a meter long and shallow bench Perjohan for €50 perfect for this part of the house without taking up too much space.

His wooden structure then lets you combine it with different types of furniturebut also personalize it with special paint. It is also ideal for hide slippers which too often negatively affect the aesthetics of the entrance. His tall container in fact, it does not allow prying eyes to immediately see what we put there Inside.

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3. Mackapär bench with storage box

IKEA hallway: 5 solutions, ideas and tips

At the entrance to the house order is important. Let’s talk about the calling card of our house and even if we want to make it functional and complete, we must never forget that it must be aesthetically pleasing and in perfect order.

Thanks to bench with storage box Mackapärproposed by IKEA for € 79.85, it’s even easier. Ideal height to be used as a bench to change shoes inside its compartments it hides everything you need.

We can choose storing bags or shoes without prying eyes knowing what is placed there and having everything you need at your fingertips at the right time. Again, as far as Callax is concerned, depth perfect for a soft pillow which makes the seat even more comfortable.

4. Bench with shoe compartment Tjusig

IKEA hallway: 5 solutions, ideas and tips

What is it really important at the entrance to the house functionality and practicality of elements which we decided to include. In fact, in many cases when we are in this environment, we have very little time at our disposal and for this reason the use the right furniture can make it easier many of each individual task.

There bench with shoe compartment Tjusig is offered at a price of € 59.95, allows you to combine everything you need in our entrance. In one element, we can indeed combine a comfortable and practical seat and shoe rack which allows you to store all the most frequently used shoes.

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The only downside this element full opening a shoe rack that allows anyone to see the contents. If we want you can solve the problem by combining curtains which adapt to the type of furniture used for the home.

5. Stocksund bench

IKEA hallway: 5 solutions, ideas and tips

If you want to more concrete and functional element inside your home you can only focus on Stocksund benchproposed by IKEA for € 299. Model soft and soft which makes each entry even more valuable and unique.

Available in different colorsthe key feature of this item is its own drawer container. Thus, within the same we can not only place shoes and bags useful for our walks, but other elements which does not always need to be kept in sight at the entrance.

The possibility of choosing the most suitable upholstery in combination with wooden legs makes matches with different types of styles furniture that distinguishes the entrance to our house.

Gallery of ideas and photo of the bench at the entrance of IKEA

IKEA solutions for entrance doors never cease to amaze. In this image gallery, we’ve put together a few ideas for inspiration.



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