In Hungary, petrol is 40 percent for tourists.  more expensive

In Hungary, petrol is 40 percent for tourists. more expensive

Ironically, Hungary robs foreigners when they refuel the worst. Hungarians are to blame for there is only a “light oil embargo” on Russia. Because now only the oil that is transported by ship is blocked. Existing oil pipelines may still be operational. Vladimir Putin (69) will thank the Hungarian head of state Viktor Orban (59), who negotiated this dismissal. After all, Russia can still export ten percent of its oil to the West.

Hungary itself has reduced fuel prices. The relevant decree, issued overnight, states that the state-regulated price of gasoline and diesel fuel applies only to Hungarian cars. Drivers with foreign registration plates must pay the market price. On average, it is 40 percent higher than the state price.

examined by the European Commission

It causes trouble. For example in neighboring Austria. About it informs “Kronen Zeitung”. But it is not everything. The European Commission is also dealing with this matter. Brussels is investigating whether Hungary is breaking EU rules. Because they are clear: discrimination based on residence or nationality is prohibited. Restrictions cannot be justified on economic grounds. (pb)

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