Indignation at foreigners sentenced to death

Indignation at foreigners sentenced to death

Three foreigners were sentenced to death in the Donetsk People’s Republic for participating in the war in Ukraine. The outrage over the verdict is great.

The war in Ukraine Two Britons Aiden Aislin (left) and Shaun Pinner (center) and the Moroccan Saaudun Brahim were sentenced to death in Donetsk. – Twitter


basic information at a glance

  • Three foreigners were sentenced to death by the Donetsk People’s Republic.
  • Two Britons and a Moroccan are accused of participating in the war in Ukraine.
  • The international outcry over the death sentences is great.

The Supreme Court of the separatist Donetsk People’s Republic (DRL) on Thursday sentenced two British and a Moroccan to death. They are accused of acts of brutal seizure of power in the war in Ukraine. According to the court, the defendants “pleaded guilty”. You can still appeal the sentence within a month.

The two British were captured by pro-Russian forces in Mariupol in mid-April. According to media reports, Aiden Aslin (28) and Shaun Pinner (48) lived there before the Ukrainian war, and also got married there. After the Russian invasion, they fought on the side of the Ukrainian army.

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However, in the past, the Russian leadership has repeatedly said that it generally treats foreigners as mercenaries. They would not be considered combatants, nor would international law relating to prisoners of war apply to them. This was recently threatened by the spokesman of the Russian Ministry of Defense, Igor Konashenkov.

“A recent reminder of the depravity of the Putin regime”

Foreigners sentenced to death meet with great indignation. Former Tory Minister Robert Jendrick called on the Russian ambassador to the United Kingdom to summon the Foreign Office. “This disgusting show trial from the Soviet era is the last reminder of the depravity of the Putin regime.” Jendrick represents the Newark constituency where Aiden Aslin lived prior to his emigration.

The war in Ukraine The two British Aiden Aslin (left) and Shaun Pinner (right) were sentenced to death by Donetsk separatists for participating in the war in Ukraine. – Twitter

The British government insisted that the verdict was unlawful and that both of them should be treated as prisoners of war. Secretary of State Liz Truss spoke of “false judgments” and a government spokesman said they were “deeply concerned” with the developments. “Prisoners of war are entitled to combat immunity under the Geneva Convention,” said a spokesman for Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

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Ukrainian war Two British fighters Aiden Aislin (left) and Shaun Pinner captured by the Russians during the war in Ukraine. – Screenshot

Austrian Foreign Minister Ewa Ernst-Dziedzic was also concerned and criticized the Kremlin: “The illegal sentence is a gross violation of international law and a provocation of the Russian military party.”

The war in Ukraine: the voice of the British family

Aslin’s British family also spoke publicly: “We’ve heard the news from Donetsk and we need some time to process everything. We love Aiden with all our hearts. “

Do you think the war in Ukraine will end soon?

The family further mentions that Aiden Aslin and Shaun Pinner are “members of the Ukrainian armed forces.” Therefore, they should be treated with the same respect as any other prisoner of war. “They are not mercenaries and never were.”

We hope that the sentence will be lifted and we call on the governments of Great Britain and Ukraine to act. They should do “everything in their power” to ensure that they “are brought to us” safely and quickly.

The war in Ukraine British fighter Aiden Aslin had to surrender in Mariupol – he fought for 48 days in the war in Ukraine. – Aiden Aslin

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Aslin’s brother was also shocked by the announcement of the sentence in the Ukrainian war. “We have just been informed, my mother is currently in contact with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.” The Daily Mail reports that the mother found out about the death sentence from the news.

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