Insertion point in Excel and its use with data

In spreadsheets and other programs such as word processors, the insertion point is represented by a flashing vertical line which shows where keyboard or mouse input appears in certain situations. The insertion point is often referred to as cursor.

note: These instructions apply to versions of Excel 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010 and Excel for Microsoft 365.

Active cell and insertion point

In word processors such as Microsoft Word, the insertion point is usually visible on the screen as soon as you open the application. However, in Excel, a single cell in the worksheet has a black border instead of an insertion point.

Entering data into the active cell

When you start typing in Word, the text is inserted at the insertion point. Conversely, when you start typing in a spreadsheet, the data is entered into the active cell.

Data entry vs. edit mode in excel

At startup, Excel is normally in data entry mode which is indicated by the presence of the outline of the active cell. Once the data has been entered into a cell, you can activate it if you want to change it editing mode instead of retyping the entire contents of the cell.

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He’s just inside editing mode that the insertion point is visible in Excel. You can activate editing mode in three different ways:

  • By double-clicking hover over the cell you want to change; The insertion point is positioned in the cell you double-clicked.
  • Click on once with the mouse pointer over the cell to be edited, then press the key F2 on the keyboard ; the insertion point is positioned in the cell at the end of the cell content.
  • Click on once with the mouse pointer over the cell to be edited, then click in it formula bar located above the worksheet; The insertion point is positioned in formula bar where you clicked.

If Excel is in it editing mode You will see the word To edit in the lower left corner of your worksheet. Some commands are not available in this mode, e.g. B. changing the alignment of cell contents.

Exit edit mode

Once the content of a cell has been edited, editing mode can be exited and changes saved by pressing the button Enter on the keyboard or by clicking another cell in the table.

Go out editing mode and want to erase all changes made to the contents of a cell, press the CES on the keyboard.

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